Official Hermes Belt Thread

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  1. I will dissent from the preference shown for the 32mm.
    Years ago when the 32mm was the widest option, I wished for something wider for jeans or casual trousers and welcomed the introduction of the 42mm only to be disappointed by the huge Constance buckle. I now have high hopes for a 38mm when the buckle selection includes the old H style.
  2. The 38mm is now available..
    Same buckle design as 42mm .
  3. I just called the store and they have 38mm in stock in brushed finish , tourareg only available in 32mm ....
  4. They said it’s prety quiet the store today , so I said I’d go look at them.
    My shopping advisor has gone to her brothers for Xmas, so I have to go alone ....
    I hope I don’t get mall-rage !!! :biggrin:
  5. Picked up two new 32’s for Christmas. Even though they stopped making the flat end on the strap I’m still loyal to the 32 as I love mixing and matching. Although with 5 now, maybe I’ll try some 38’s and 42’s, but I probably would not purchase the Constance in either. Even in my 32 my Constance buckles are my least used.

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  6. From what I understood fro the phone call the 38 will be replacing the 42mm .
    I will clarify when I get to the. Store
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  7. So apparently I should have asked about the 38mm a while ago , as they’ve had it for a while !!!
    It looks so much like the 42mm it’s hard to tell the difference .
    And he confirmed the 42mm is no more ...
    They still have some available, so get them while you can

    I took some terrible pictures ....
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    First pic is me trying to remember how to take “live” off the camera , hence me looking old , confused and stupid ..
    A look I wear often :biggrin:

    Rest are taken with my awesome tee shirt in full view !!!
    38mm brushed ,
    32mm tourareg ,
    and the white one is a 42mm gold

    310D3E1D-A1B3-4D7C-BDC4-F622E024281C.jpeg B146FC0D-ADBD-43E4-8F14-05C5FD395723.jpeg E63BCC63-812A-42C4-AC7D-31FB5C57309C.jpeg D2DA3CB3-0773-4C57-A59B-E52CF973B812.jpeg
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    I also found this whilst browsing the stores around Hermès .
    ( the 2 sales people where busy and security was following me around first time I went , so I walked away for 10 minutes while it quientened down)

    I’ll probobly buy it in the future to wear with this watch (making a very rare appearance at work due to its “scratchability” ) , but it’s not top priority as that watch rarely gets worn .

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  10. It is smaller than the 42 , but due to same shape it through me .
    I was supposed to go back today , but my shopping advisor is incommunicado right now .
    Will compare them both side by side when I go back to buy my belt
  11. I have a cunning plan wether I buy the 32mm or 38mm ...

    I’m going to try to find a black 42mm leather in my size , then find somebody to modify it at the ends to fit my buckle . This will then get aged and be my work strap .
    If this doesn’t work out , I’ll have to find somebody to make me a strap from scratch , but would prefer to modify a Hermès strap .
  12. Which size buckle are you planning to buy? If the 32, then your 42 mm belt is going to be messed up. Attached are my 32 and 42 sets
  13. IMG_0833.JPG
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  14. Modifying an Hernes strap does not seem a good idea to me.
    For one reason they are edge-stitched.
    However I have considered trying to get an atelier working in exotics to custom make a wider strap with shaped ends to accommodate a 32mm H buckle.
    But then you do have to answer the question, 'Why?'
    If Hermes does not produce exactly what we want, why is it so important that it has to be Hermes around our waist?
    The answer is nothing to do with quality and workmanship - that which can justify 1000s for a handmade bag.
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