Mulberry Sightings!!

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  1. There's a "wildlife" sightings thread on the hermes forum which is one of my favourite threads! I think the rule there is - no faces. Which seems fair to me :smile:
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  2. I agree; a subtle bag-shot or crop out the face before posting.
    I got some very odd looks on the rugby shuttle bus in Richmond, as I tried to "pap" the lady with her gorgeous red Bays! I tried to disguise my actions but my DD shouted out, "Quick mum! Get her while we're at the traffic lights!" Cover well and truly blown ... To quote Notting Hill, "James Bond never has to put up with this sh*t"!
  3. Lol!!!! I love the pics
  4. Hahaha. That story is too funny. :smile:
    The Dooney and Bourke subforum has a wildlife thread, also. As I am nosey I love spy pics. ;)
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  5. Love it!!

    Not to mention nearly walking into a lamppost
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  6. Love the way this is "styled" with the flap untucked on the middle portion!!!
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  7. Bored printing meeting Somerset shoulder, stunning deep embossed oxblood bays, blush bays too
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  8. I saw someone carrying a small Maple in oak this week - first time I've ever seen one out and about, and it looked really good on her!
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  11. I saw my first small black croc Chester in the wild this week, quite nice proportions actually
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  13. Same new bays in my office, same oxblood bays 3 or 4 times, again in my building

    2 mole grey med Lily's

    Oxblood blossom tote - look so supple and suede lining was lush

    Seeing Daria about again in black and oak

    Tessie oxblood satchel

    A fair few bays in various colours and leathers

    2 silky snake black bays..... gorgeous!

    KNow there were others.....
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  14. That's was it shiny leopard alexa
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