Mulberry Sightings!!

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  1. The day after I get my cara and think "I've never seen anyone with a cara" I spot a black quilted one!
  2. That's a lovely bag too! I've seen about 5 where I work

    Today I saw a black winged bays with the wings tucked in, printed croc east west in immaculate condition, a not so immaculate oak prinyed croc bays and not much else other than the usual mixture of bays in various colours
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  3. Regular size Bays buckle in sea blue spotted in London today - it reminded me how lovely sea blue was...
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  4. I live in Bath, so many Mulberry bags!
  5. Oxblood small buckle bays...... looked unloved

    Oak Effie satchel.... again unloved and grubby

    Black croc E/W

    Midnight bays

    Deer brown bays

    3 oak Daria hobos and a black one

    Black small edie

    Fabric edie...... grubby yuk
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  6. I forgot the most hideous man duffle fake cum Daria bag
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  7. Home station a rarely spotted ginger shrunken calf small Suffolk
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  8. Aww. Poor unloved bags... Are you on the lookout for an Edie again? Those are lovely.
  9. Morning!

    I do miss the leather of Edie, but she was too big..... wouldn't say no to a small postman's lock satchel though, but I am really happy with her replacement(s)
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  10. Too many sadly neglected bags here ... I'd happily rehome the oxblood small buckle Bays ...

  11. Me too!
    I wanted to tell her to get a Samorga I think it was soaking wet too, that bag I thought was pretty hardy and the Effie, I wanted to get my lord Sheraton wipes out and give it a good clean
  12. I see tons of abused bags in the streets, too. But, I also got caught by friends trying to secretly rub stains off their bags. Thank God they know my bag habit and exercise patience with me.
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  13. Me too, honestly whats the point in not taking care of your bag?! It drives me nuts when I see trashed leather :annoyed: but so many people just don't bother.
    In contrast today I spotted a lovely oak Mitzy in super condition, it was a gorgeous colour :heart:
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  14. Oh dear spotted the worst fake today - i'm not even sure what it was trying to be. I was serving the lady in the shop I work in made me feel very sad but knowing that my lovely oxblood bays was sitting out the back.