Mulberry Sightings!!

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  1. I spotted one of the worst Bayswater fakes last week I have ever seen. The teenage girl carrying it looked so proud that I was tempted to donate her one of mine, bless her. It reminded me of another teenage girl admiring my Bays on a train last year, admitting that hers was fake, but hoping that she could afford the real thing one day ... I hope they do. It makes it all the more sad when those with the "real thing" don't take a little care with them.
    This one could use a little gel - it looked very dry and was curling at the flaps - but at least it was being used (unlike a fair few of mine!)
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  2. So today went on a little shopping excursion from Brighton into London. So apart from all the lovely Mullberry's in the Mulberry shops I visited I spotted a well worn Oak Bayswater, A green Alexa - medium size I think, a lovely Croc print Oxblood Bayswater, A black bayswater, A black Daria and another Oak Bayswater!
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  3. A couple of weeks ago i saw one Bays in Oxblood carried with the most respect and dignity in the trolley in Carrefour, a guy was looking so serious and the bag was looking so obviously admired... and his good Lady (i spotted her a bit ahead choosing veggies) was throwing looks at my Alexa... :biggrin:
  4. So many in Aberdeen at the weekend, it was the first sunny day of the year & that always seems to bring the mulbs out here

    From memory - an Oak SBS worn over a crisp white blouse, gorgeous! Two Oak Bays & a black large Ant all in the queue at M&S, New Oxblood Daria Hobo, several Lilys in all shapes & sizes & a smattering of Mitzys (including mine).
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  5. Sunshine in Brighton too seemed to bring out the Mulbs!
    2 Black Bays, 1 Oak Anthony medium maybe, 1 black Lilly the biggest size and same size also but in Taupe. Oh and of course me with my Oxblood Bays!
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  6. Been absent for a while but still seeing lots of

    New and old Bays, new mainly oak and oxblood

    Daria in Oak and black quite a bit which is a nice surprise

    Lily in Reg and medium

    Black tillie satchel.... spotted the buckles before the bag

    Few Effie satchels and hobos

    Quite a few tessie satchels and hobos in black and oxblood

    Couple Roxys

    Postman lock satchel in black and summer khaki

    Large Kites couple of them

    Sure there was other eye candy to report
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  7. That was it!!!! Quite a few Somerset shoulders in black and choc
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  8. I'm starting to see some new styles come through as well, and shopping yesterday saw more mulberry than I've seen in a while. Saw a Maple, some new bays in various sizes/configs, one of the new zipped messengers (v nice btw), as well as the usual Darias and Antonys, ...and a shedload of LV neverfulls :P
  9. Funny you should say that, I'm seeing less LV at the mo, but I can't say for sure what is the most common designer other than M.

    I do see an awful lot of longchamp pillage though, everything else I see seems to be anonymous/indistinctive/hybrids etc

    Michael Kors still, but not so much, guess that's why they are closing stores
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  10. Hi Lou! :wave: How are you?
    Longchamp and LV are still very common around here and I have the impression that I see less Michael Kors.
    Regarding the topic: three weeks ago I saw a well loved oak Bays. :nuts: It was the only Mulb bag so far this year.
  11. Hey lovely Luds! Hope you are well, I have a summer cold so feeling sorry for myself

  12. Ah no! Get well soon!
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  13. Standing at Kings Cross this evening I've spotted around 15 classic style Bays in chocolate, black, oak, oxblood, ginger, taupe etc.

    Oxblood Anthony gets on my train each day that needs a good feed.

    Daria's in all colours seem to be particularly popular at the mo?

    See a chocolate Somerset at Starbucks Canary Wharf each morning. Again out of shape, overstuffed and in need of a feed

    Occasionally see Roxanne's and the odd Mitzy or Effie.

    Quite a lot of beaten up bags spotted (always seem to be Bays that get beaten up - should there not be some kind of vetting process as to whether you deserve one...?!?).

    LV Neverfull's really really common.

    Never see MK's now, which has been a nice break!!

    Ooh and despite owning one myself, never, ever seen a Cara in real life...
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  14. I was down by Starbucks today bag not with me though

    Love all of the above and the vetting nit, yes agree Darias aplenty at the mo, especially black ones

    Seen some lovely Effie satchels and hobos recently

    Bays new and old, including a pink small bays new recently

    Medium lily in blue, black and deer brown

    Last night on DLR, first ever sighting of oversized Del Rey, immaculate condition

    Few Somerset's again and tessies

    I saw an orange Hopton a while back and an Abbey

    Seen a couple of Cara's in CW
  15. A grey Willow with silver hardware. Totall freaked, because I do not see many Mulbs around here. :nuts: