Mulberry Sightings!!

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  1. Haha. Yes. :smile:
  2. My love for M has been reinvigorated!!! Surrounded by oxblood on the tube this morning

    Black bays and choc alexa

    Old oxblood Bays, oxblood tessie satchel, oxblood small Willow, Tessie oxblood tote, graphite bays and east west, Rosie changing bag

    Large black willow

    New bays in oxblood....... deep rich colour and didn't look too big even though the lady was quite petite!
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  3. Feel like a stalker as I followed her into my office building this morning..... the bag and not the lady!

  4. Great shot Sherlock!
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  5. Lol, it took a few attempts and it just goes to show how popular Mulberry still is ok so I've only seen 2 JC's irl but it's a start

  6. That's was me!!!

    Just kidding :graucho:. How funny would it be if we were 'papped' and it ended up on here!!
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  7. Lol, I wonder too if any of us have passed each other

    Seriously it was so funny as directly to my right was the Tessie satchel and directly in front of me was the Willow, I think we all kept checking each other's bags out as I was carrying oxblood lily today. That was the northern line and then on the jubilee the Rosie was in front of me and the graphite bays to my left and then I could see the east west or may have been a Ledbury by the door
  8. Ha ha, I was out with oaky bays today, looking particularly scruffy and someone gave it a "look". It crossed my mind that it might be a tpfer :biggrin: or failing that it might have been a "what the h*** are you doing with her" look instead :giggle: (note to self - time for a haircut)
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  9. I need to use my new choc bays,,still,using me new Chloe....struggling with a wallet though
  10. Yay! A sneaky spy action shot! Love it! :smile:
  11. Have Bayswater's ever had a zip pocket on the back of the bag? Sorry bit of a newbie - if not just saw a fake Red croc print.
    Whilst carry my brand new scarlet bays still in the mulberry shopping bag!
  12. I had a 'fat' day today and wore a sweatshirt, lily made me feel special though

    Excuses excuses yes get choc out

    I looked like a crazy woman!!

    I think there was, don't think it was in production for that long and your new bays is stunning!
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  13. I feel like a voyeur!!!!

    Maple, black same black Daria I've seen 2 days on the trot, Tessie satchel and black shiny buffalo on a very very quiet commute into work this morning
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  14. Last pic as sure it's an invasion of privacy - first maple out in the wild

  15. Yay on invading privacy and thank you so much for being such a diligent spy. ;) (I totally get that you feel uncomfortable taking pics from strangers - would feel the same way. So, I am really appreciating your effort. :flowers:)
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