Mulberry Sightings!!

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  1. I thought this would be fun!

    Today, whilst I was out shopping with my daughter - in the RAIN!!! Yuk!

    WE SAW:

    Burgundy Patent Mabel
    Oak Bayswater (very old, gorgeous and soft)
    Black Somerset Zipped Purse

    Did you see any Mulberries today?
  2. I just have to say , I love the pic of Bagpus...I live near the Bagpus museum..and partic love the mice.........but am more of a clangers person myself....sightings of Mulberry's have increased espec round Bluewater..I've noticed..but mostly of bayswater..i've not yet seen a roxy.
  3. I have never seen another person with a Mulberry. But I am now on the "official" lookout. Women come up to me and know exactly what purse I have, so I would think that a sighting is not that far off...
  4. Come to WV Bags&Shoes...we could have sightings of each other... :smile:

    Oh, and a small threadjack....Ali, my daughter loves cats and occasionally I let her get on ebay and get some stuffed ones. We'll she bought one and couldn't wait for it to get arrived and it was this fat, little cutie and our friend from Manchester was visiting...he said, oh, that's bagpuss...and now she is infatuated with bagpuss.

    Ok, threadjack over.

    There is no hope for me seeing anyone else with a Mulberry here. If I do, I might just fall over. Much more likely for B& Hollywood is fashion forward...Most people here are, well, in fashion reverse for the most part.
  5. Haven't seen any today but am always on the lookout for other people with Mulberry's. Don't know why, but its fun.

    I always usually tend to see people with Bayswaters, Anthonys or Roxannes.
  6. Only saw my own Mulberry today and the burgundy colour of my daughters blood.
    This was her first hockeymatch since weeks. For weeks she had her leg in a cast because she got injured during the last match: a crack in the bone of her ankle. Now playing her first match again, she received a very hard blow from a stick on her chin and needed 3 stitches. Thank God it is just on the underside of her chin, so I really hope the scar will not be visible later. So another bloody saturday!
  7. Well, not today but yesterday at work I saw an oak purse, a black Jody and a mink ombre Bays. The Bays was truly gorgeous! So much so that I had to complement the owner.

    I've seen the mink (not ombre) in the shop but seeing it on someone made me realise how gorgeous a color the mink is.
  8. I saw a really battered oak bays - just perfect. Now I want one even more!
  9. Have never, ever seen another Mulberry bag here. Saw what looked like a fake once, which was rather odd since no one seems to have the real thing in these parts. I'll keep looking . . . . .
  10. Local Hockey mom bought a bayswater after playing with mine. Other than that- nothing local.
  11. Nope :nogood: but then again today Ive only been to the Co-op, Wickes and Macdonalds... never expected to see any mulberries there in my part of the world :roflmfao:
  12. Have been walking in the mountains on the West Coast today and yes , the peaks have snow!
    Saw an oak Somerset tote in the supermarket on the way home.
  13. Saw a chocolate bays looking all lovely and smooshy at Silverburn today, will be heading into Glasgow city centre tomorrow where it should be Mulberries galore!
  14. I saw a Huge amount of mullberry bags and guess what ???? they all mine ha ha ha .:roflmfao:
  15. Bath should be renamed Mulberry City I've decided. Son no 2 & I sat in Cafe Rouge in Milsom St people watching & spotted 3 bays (2 oak & 1 black), 4 Roxies (all oak!), one Poppy (black) & 3 Antonys (two choc & one black).
    Then a family walked in & the mother had a black goatskin medium Mabel. There was a spare seat at their table & I presumed she was going to put the bag on it but no, she casually dumped it on the floor!