Mulberry Sightings!!

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  1. Hi dearest Lou! How was your holiday?
  2. Fab, thanks Luds- hope you are well and I always think of you when out bag spotting I only do it for you really
  3. Awww. This is so sweet and kind of you! ️ I am always having so much fun reading your bag sighting reports.

    I am very happy that your vacation was nice. Now you can do some relaxed Christmas shopping.

    Btw. saw a black snake embossed Bays with silver hardware in the shopping window of a local consigner.
  4. Christmas shopping.... enjoy!!

    A new work colleague has one of these, it's beautiful
  5. Oh yes, a very beautiful bag! The store was already closed, so I could admire her only through the window - probably for the best.
  6. Absolutely for the best ...... for now
  7. Hehehe. I will avoid that store during the next weeks....
  8. This week so far

    Quite a few bays, ink Daria satchel, summer khaki and black Eliza in that lovely large grain, small oxblood tessie satchel, black tessie tote, black Effie satchel, hideous fake black Daria's, sure there was something else....
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  9. I saw a Black New Bayswater in the wild today! See lots of classic Bays in Aberdeen, but that's the first Coca bag I've seen.
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  10. I saw the most beautiful well loved original black Bayswater at the post office today while sending out some Christmas gifts. It was an older Bays, but the owner had definitely lovingly taken care of it over the years. It was my first time seeing one IRL and I was so excited.

    I live in the suburbs of south Florida, so that's probably part of why I've never seen one IRL. Seems like everyone around here either has a LV (Neverfull, Speedy, or Alma) or Michael Kors (literally see at least 10 every time I go to the grocery store) but not much else lol.
  11. I know exactly how you feel. I see them in the wild on very few occasions and get totally excited as soon as I see one.
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  12. For you both

    Oxford street and surrounding area

    Heritage Bays in many colours including a stunning deep embossed croc print camel

    Effie black hobo and oak satchel

    Oxblood tessie satchel and hobo

    Couple Ant's

    Many many many different styles and colours in the New Bond St store
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  13. Have to admit that I am quite disappointed with the Christmas market this year. Normally, I get to see some Mulbs in action there (thanks to tourists). This year nothing.
    I am going to the really big city on Wednesday. Hopefully, I can report some sightings then.
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  14. I saw a lady with a Black daria the other day, and I was wearing mine too. We gave each other a little nod!
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  15. I saw a lady with a Black daria the other day, and I was wearing mine too. We gave each other a little nod!