Mulberry Sightings!!

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  1. Saw while shopping today an Alexa camera bag in silky snake, v nice. Lots of bays, couple of large Antony's, one saggy ink Alexa. The usual crop of fake Mulberry's and I even saw a fake Hudson!
  2. Don't see any Mulbs in wild at the moment. Only Mulb I saw today was my Lexy sitting on my ugly bathroom floor. :nuts:

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  3. Was in London/Surrey?

    Kingston today .....Bentalls sale offerings were poor and only 20% off
    Surprised to see a full price black NVT buckle bays

    I saw a lovely mole grey medium lily, new style small zipped bays....... want it!
  4. Fake Hudson..... I wouldn't be able to tell!
  5. Not convinced it was even leather :eek:I'm sure you would've!
  6. I saw zipped bays today as well. In clay with the burgundy lining :heart: great size, lovely bag.
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  7. Your Lexie looks much nicer than the one I saw today. I feel sad when I see beaten up, dry old Mulberry's - and want to say Get.Some.Polish.On.It. But I don't, obviously, I just stare it :biggrin:
  8. Hehehe. Sharing is probably wiser. Who knows how your advice will be received. ;)
  9. Exactly, I'm not brave :hrmm:
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  10. I pulled a face the last time I saw a beaten up one...... that disgusted look
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  11. Ha ha! It was prob me ;)
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  12. Lol, so has she had her inaugural outing then? I chickened out with Hayley when I popped to the shops yesterday..... always takes me ages to use my new bags

  13. Yes! I took her to the pantomime yesterday afternoon. She's was super comfy, better on the shoulder as she's quite bulky and stiff for crossbody wear. Def need to get a small wallet as it will fit so much better. Currently using card case and coin purse. I can't find your mulberry reveal thread , I want to see your kite.

    Having a quiet day today, took my Christmas tree down a couple of days ago so I am all tidy again.....I don't like 'stuff' everywhere. Happy new year , "let's hope it's a good one "
  14. Lol, any excuse for a new purse great that you buy and go..... it takes me ages to break a new bag in

    My tree died overnight, will be coming down today
  15. It's not so common in Germany eh? Occasionally, some ladies will stare at my croc Bays on the bus, and I start worrying if they think that maybe it's real crocodile?!
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