It's only Feb, but look what I've done!! Mia's 1st 2009 Reveal (w/ lots of pics)

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  2. Dear Guest,
    If you've been around here for a while, you may know that @Vlad and I love a good April Fools' Day joke that we try to pull off yearly. Many times, our members forget and we get them, one time making everyone turn into Vlad, another year with a garishly awful new design, and another year no matter what button you pressed we alerted you that you requested your account terminated. It's always brought us such joy to have fun with you all, especially when we try to pull off a forum wide joke one day a year.

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  1. Mia you seriously did great shopping!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, 2 valentine flaps!!!! Happy Valentines gal.
    OMG to all those gorgeous pieces of jewellery, i'm so jealous gal.
    CONGRATS to all those beautiful loot.
  2. Congrats to ur new loot! Love ur valentine flaps, accessories/brooches...they are fabulous!!~
  3. Mia, everything is Faboulous!! i love the valentine flap in black! Good choice there! The pink is a little young and sweet, but also beautiful.......and may i say your accessories.........WOW!! Everything is beautiful - all of your brooches, earrings, neckalces, bracelet and flower ring - i just love! All the styles are very much what you normally wear, so i have to say you've lucked out this season. Congrats!

    Also, the gift for your mom is such a sweet gesture! I'm sure she'll be thrilled!
  4. Oh Mia dear... everything is fabulous!!! I love it
  5. wow, love all your purchases especially the coral and black flap bag.. the brooch of rue cambon is TDF... congrats!!! :smile:
  6. Naturally, I think all the accessories are fabbo! :lol:
  7. Oh WOW! Mia is back with a vengeance!!! :P

    I love the black valentine flap too, glad you got that one instead of the coral!:tup: And your jewelry are all favorite is the cameo brooch but they are ALL awesome! :faint:

    Looking forward to part 2. And part 3 perhaps?:graucho:
  8. Hi Mia, how much is the camellia bouquet ring, if you don't mind me asking? It's really lovely :heart:
  9. Mia, i love all your purchases !!!! Drooling now!!! :nuts:
  10. Hi gals!! Thanks everyone of you for your sweet compliments. Glad you like my loot. :P Thanks for letting me share again. Sorry for the late replies for your questions. I'll go backward to answer all the questions here. :heart:
  11. Hi sunnyislander, the camellia bouquet ring is GBP355.
    Hi Carole!! How have you been? Thanks so much! Hey....the new handbag necklace that I got, it's in the black color scheme. I think the earrings you've got is with a white color scheme, right? So, the design is somewhat the same but it's not colorwise. Think about it.... :graucho:
    Hi ceci!! Hey...I can't thank you enough for your help on my Cameo brooch. Although I didn't end up getting in Canada, but I really appreciate everything. Hahaha.....part 2? Let's wait wait.....:graucho:

    So you like the Love Knot Brooch? It's HK$4,900. Not bad for a brooch with these kind of details and workmanship. As for the Sweet Heart necklace, it's HK$3,800. ;)

    Here are the style number just in case you "need" them. :devil:
    - Love Knot Brooch: A41440 X01060 (Color: Z0000)
    - Sweet Heart Necklace: A41411 Y02008 (Color: Z0002 Black)

    Haha Schol!! I'm not payatot (translation: thin)!! The pictures can be deceiving sometime....hehehe! Seems like most of you like the black valentine more. I'm so glad I made the right choice for myself coz I was thinking coral will be more special. But the color was way too cute for my age. Thanks for seconding the motion! Where do I store my Chanels? my closet room. But it's getting very crowded in there now...:sweatdrop:
  12. Hi Carole!! How have you been? Thanks so much! Hey....the new handbag necklace that I got, it's in the black color scheme. I think the earrings you've got is with a white color scheme, right? So, the design is somewhat the same but it's not colorwise. Think about it.... :graucho:

    Hiya sweetie - I've been kinda busy... :nuts:

    Good memory! Yes, mine are white-ish. I will see what price they are here and possibly treat myself once again ;) I get SO many great comments on my Chanel earrings, and the little bags most of all!
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    Hi jofoliage,

    Thanks for your compliments. Here are the info for the Love Knot Collection:
    - Brooch (HKD4900 which is around USD630)
    ==> Style No: A41440 X01060 (Color: Z0000)
    - Dangling Earrings (HKD3800 which is around USD490)
    ==> Style No: A41473 X01060 (Color: Z0000)

    Hi R,
    LOL!! Of course our brooch is gorgeous! I think 4 of us on tPF have it so far. You, NanamiRyu, MIffy27 and myself. We are the 4 musketeers...!! :yahoo:

    Hi Minal dear! Thanks so much!! Hey.....I remember reading somewhere that you're curious as to what the SS09 gray caviar color will be like? Well, I saw it in the wallet version today at our local boutique. The color code is 44203 and it's the exact color code for the gray caviar flap too!! It's a very light washed out gray. It almost looked a bit dirty white with a bluish/grayish tone. So, in a nutshell, it's very very light. And when I feel the leather of the caviar, it's really soft. :sweatdrop: It's ok for a wallet, but I don't think it will work well in a flap style. :sad:

    OK back to topic, here is the style no. of the Sweet Heart Collection brooch:
    A41444 Y02018 (Color: Z3254 Multicolor)
    (Note: There's also a black version for this brooch. Color code is Z0002.)

    Hey, I think this brooch will look lovely on you!! Get one get one and let us be twins!! :graucho:

    Hi cammy!! Thanks so much!! So you like the coral valentine flap? I thought I like it too when I saw the pics here, too bad the color was too cute for me when I have it IRL. Hey....I was thinking what nail color?!! OMG!! Those are my mom's hand. We were in the dressing room trying out sth and I asked her to hold my coral flap for me to take pics. LOL!! Mom's nails were burgundy in color at that time....hehehe. Great eyes!! Yup, I'll think of ensembles to wear with my new black valentine flap and jeweleries. Will try my best.
    Hey cutie Wai!! I think you made the right choice buying the coral v. flap because you're really young and cute and this color suits you perfectly (just need to be extra careful when using this bag...hehe). It's way too cute for me as I was looking for something more subtle. So, congrats to us that we both got our dream v.flap in the color we want! Yay!!
  14. Mia, what gorgeous loot!! do you happen to have the style info for this 3-D pendant? TIA!!
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    All so lovely-no wonder you had to stay away for a few months-you went off the deep end shopping bonanza!!!