It's only Feb, but look what I've done!! Mia's 1st 2009 Reveal (w/ lots of pics)

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  1. Hi L!! Thanks!! How are you doing?

    OK for the black 3-D heart-shaped necklace, here is the style no. It's from the 2009 Cruise Sweet Heart Collection.

    A41411 Y02008 (Color: Z0002 Black)

    The white pearl + gold color combo is nice too! :graucho:

  2. OMG, such a fabulous 'raid' ... everything was absolutely gorgeous!:love: My favorite is definitely the valentine flap in black ... stunning!:girlsigh: Congrats and enjoy!
  3. Oh, Mia, please present us with Part 2 of your reveal ASAP! Pretty pleeeease! ;) I'm dying to see more of your costume jewelry. I'm hoping you got the other camelia ring that's black with one flower to show us as I really want to see what it's like up close and I'm relying on your thread for that since I can't go to a Chanel boutique right now - I'm trapped at home with an injured leg in a cast, unable to walk.... but how I'm dreaming about dashing into a store to buy that ring as soon as I can do more than hobble a few metres! :love: haha.....
  4. Wow...what a haul! Congrats to you hun and hopefully it will tide you over for another 3 months :smile:
  5. OMG!!! AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!
  6. loving part I; anticipating part II....
  7. Wow! You know how to shop! :tup:
  8. Wow!! Absolutely amazing reveals!!! Love everything!! Congratulations Mia~
  9. I love your black V day bag and the love knot earrings. Great haul!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi KaraK!! LOL....Part 2 has to wait a bit....;)

    I hate to disappoint you, but I'm not going to buy the camellia ring with only 1 flower. I think one ring is enough for me from this collection...hehehehe. Do you know that the camellia ring with single flower also comes in pink flower and red flower too? I think you should get it as it's a cute one as well!

    I'm so sorry about your injured leg....hope you get well soon and go straight to Chanel and buy the ring!;)

  11. Dear all, thanks so much again for all your sweet words and compliments!! :heart::heart:
  12. Mia,
    I love every piece in your collection. Honestly, you have very good taste.

    Do you think HK has the whole camellia collection?

  13. FAB new additions Mia:heart:! i esp. like these earrings :heart: as always, everything is gorgeous esp. your modeling shots:tup:! cnt wait for more...

    so how have u been doing girl?? how's DH and your very handsome DS? hope all is well. and oh, i was wondering if you got my email? missed talking to ya!

  14. Mia, can you pls share with me the details (style no.,price) of this 3-D pendant? loves it!
  15. Hi Mia. Thanks for your kind wishes.

    I hope we don't have to wait too long for Part 2 - the suspense is making me go kookoo :upsidedown:

    Thanks so much for the tip about the camelia ring coming in 3 different colours. I'm in trouble here though, because if I end up liking the ring I'll end up wanting it in all 3 colours! lol. Hope it doesn't get sold out before I manage to get to the store.

    Fantastic purchases, by the way. It's all so fab!:tup: