It's only Feb, but look what I've done!! Mia's 1st 2009 Reveal (w/ lots of pics)

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  1. WOW!!! You made out like a bandit! What a stunning collection:drool::drool:
  2. O M G! Mia! :wtf: You've done it again. :nuts: It's been WAY too long since your last "raid" I'm loving everything, especially the black valentine's flap. :heart: If I were to buy one, I'd definitely get the black. The charms stand out and it's so elegant with the pale gold hw. Now only if Chanel would make a black caviar jumbo with this pale gold hw. :heart: Congrats girl!
  3. Love your purchases! What's the retail on the first pendant - the heart with the CCs inside?
  4. are getting lots of LOVE :heart::heart::heart:!!!

    I was just started peeking from the other thread & see your CRUISE09 LOVE KNOT earrings then I say to myself I better check out your loots first! & Wow!!! 15 pieces in your Part I many more in Part II ???!!! :nuts:

    The LOVE KNOT BROOCH is :drool: , so does the Cruise09 Sweet Heart Brooch & Necklace :yes: (how much is the necklace BTW?) .....

    All the rest are :tup: & glad you & other M got the brooches from Hawaii.

    ok...going to see the rest of your modeling photos from the other thread.....See ya later!
  5. Dang Mia! Payatot ka na! Your black Valentine flap is a very good choice, the pink was too cutesy and this black makes the charms pop. Congrats girl, and where oh where do you store all your Chanels?! GEEZ!!!
  6. Awesome haul, Mia, you didn't let you down!
  7. Yum yum, love your Valentine Flaps! :yes:
  8. Mia, love your new purchases especially the costume jewellery.
  9. I love your reveal threads.. they are awesome! Thanks for sharing your pics! :biggrin:

    Wow... when you shop, you raid!! :lol:
  10. hi Mia, i came back to :drool:. i cant stop looking at the brooch from the LOVE KNOT collection. do you mind telling me how much that is and what is the style number for that? TIA :P
  11. omg! the black valentine is an excellent choice! congrats! and so sweet of u to get the jumbo for ur mum!
  12. Awesome, awesome haul!!! Love the pictures you took as well.
  13. Congrats!! They are all simply gorgeous!
  14. OMGosh Mia! :faint: Another fabulous shopping spree! :nuts: Your DH is the best and you are so lucky. Everything is beautiful, especially the black Valentine's, which displays the charms better. I absolutely :heart: your loot.
  15. Wow, another great reveal! LOving your brooch and the wallet. Thanks.