It's only Feb, but look what I've done!! Mia's 1st 2009 Reveal (w/ lots of pics)

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  1. Hi Mia, thanks for the fantastic eye candy reveal, my favs. are the black valentine flap, cameo brooch and camellia ring, just breathtaking and very unique pieces!! waiting for your part II........ :-P
  2. You're a terrific daughter, Michelle; and these two pieces are exquisite --


  3. Holy shopping haul!!!! Amazing stuffs you got there there Mia! I love the Love Knot collection, especially the brooch!
  4. Way to go, Mia!!!:happydance:Love the black valentine flap and camellia bouquet ring :drool: :ty:for sharing.
  5. wow love it all!
  6. Wowowowow! What a fabulous haul!! Did you leave anything for other customers?

    I've been eyeing the new handbag neclace and earrings, but wonder if they're too similar to the ones I've already got. Now seeing your pic - they are different enough for me! Hee hee!!
  7. Great haul! Congrats, fabulous!
  8. Mia, you have exquisite tastes...lovely purchases!!
  9. Congrats!!!! Everything is just Fabulous!!!! love your reveal...
    Thanks for sharing....
  10. Mia! I love your purchases...and I totally agree with you about the coral bag IRL. I just saw it in my boutique and it is not as cute as it looks in pictures. I do love the black flap with the charms though! I'm on a costume jewelry and shoe craze now since I'm on a bag ban. I think I should be on a total Chanel ban :biggrin:
  11. Very cute Mia!!!
  12. Mia -- I've just about passed out from all this eye candies... and you still have more coming!!?!!

    Congratulations on a tremendous haul and one of these days, I'd love to see your jewelry box and closet. :smile:
  13. Wow great purchases!! Congrats!
  14. I love what you have "done" Mia - your goodies are breathtaking! Love your accessories and can understand how addictive they can be - I am so trying not to go there LOL!! Congratulations!!!!
  15. What a fabulous haul! I love the black Valentine's Flap! And I think you and DH are very thoughtful getting your mom a Jumbo Flap.