Houston outlet, whats there 1/30

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  1. hi everyone-
    are yall talking about the houston premium outlet in cypress? or is there a different one? i've been once when visiting family in houston, and i am going again during easter.

    also, do yall think sabrinas will still be at the outlets in april, or long gone by then?! i'm starting to really want one! :heart:

  2. What colors did they have today in the Ellies? I've been talking to a real sweet girl named Mandy...she's been so helpful. Monday I did a charge/send through my outlet on a Lime and a Sand Ellie. Mandy said they were to get 4 Vermillion but when I spoke with her yesterday they still hadn't gotten them. She called about a white trimmed in taupe...did you see that one? I passed on it, just wasn't sure about. Also, were there any Teal? I would just LOVE to be able to shop at that outlet!!!!! You lucky ladies!!!!
  3. hmm, that names sounds familiar, but can't put a face with it..yeah there was one white with taupe trim on the bottom shelf. Is Vermillion the orange like one? No the didn't have it. No teal either. You got the LIme from Houston? or another store? If I see Vermillion I'll let ya know.
  4. I got the Lime and the Sand from the Houston outlet on Monday. I did a charge send from my outlet in TN to the Houston outlet. The Vermillion is orange/red. Did the white/Taupe Trim look pretty? Does it look like high maintenance?! Thanks.
  5. It looked more like brown, but I guess you could call it 'taupe'. If I go again today I'll try to take pics of them. How did you know Houston had those colors? Just random luck? That's cool!!:yahoo:(<--my dd wanted me to pick that smiley)
  6. w0000t I'll be in houston March 10-13th!!! Yell at me ladies, I need to know how to get to the outlet :smile:
  7. Q luvs tokidoki The mgr at my outlet did a search. If you go today, please tell us what they have...and pics of the white would be great!

    Bunny Lucky you to be going to Houston! Hope you find some good stuff while there!
  8. Ok will try to take pics.. Do they allow pics? Or do I have to be discreet?
  9. Ok Houston-ites, i'll be there late on the 9th of March till the following Monday and leave right before dinnertime.

    I'm in the area, so let's meet or something so I can see some of my fellow coachie's in person!
  10. I'm arriving in Houston (from OH) on 3/17!
  11. I'm leaving the 16th :sad:
  12. i went on tuesday, and my sister scored a black amanda foldover clutch for a mere $40! IN.SANITY as that bag retailed for $300, i think? it's a great clutch, but i'm on a strict ban right now, so i couldn't snag the other.
  13. There are a few of us near the Houston outlet we should meet! Bunny PM me and maybe we can get together, I know Tara will go too :smile:
  14. Sure, If I can get away from the children I will definitely go!
  15. Ok, I am upset...I just got back from Katy Mills and didn't realize I was so close to a Coach outlet! The one I usually go to is San Marcos. Are there any others in the Houston area that I should know about?