Houston outlet, whats there 1/30

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  1. wow, stuff is really moving fast to the outlet! Great pics! I'd be REALLY bad if I lived close to that Houston Coach outlet!!!:graucho:
  2. I JUST called and they said they have no bridgits. I'm getting annoyed...everytime I call they say they don't have it or aren't getting it etc. Last time I called to do a charge send and they were like "you can go to your nearest Coach store" and I was like "outlet or FP because YOU are the nearest outlet and you're an hour away, I want to know for sure before I drive ALL the way out there and I didn't have to".
  3. They have them!! A whole tray full!!! Ask to speak to a mgr or SA Vanessa!! It's there I saw like 8 of them!!
  4. It's ok, I called about a Teal ellie and they had told me they had NO ellies.... i dont know who I got but the person in that brain was AFK from the wheel!
  5. Why did I ban myself again? LOL!
  6. I don't know, why did you?

    Want to go shopping while I'm visiting? :smile: :P:supacool:;)
  7. I believe your siggy says not small accessories.. so you could go check out accessories?? hehe:P...
  8. ^^^

    This is soo true!

    I want some new accessories STAT!

  9. You know I do! :yahoo:
  10. I was at the San Marcos outlet yesterday and they had two Bridgits...one in bottle green and the other in sort of a Magenta. They are still the same price as they have been lately, I believe around $140.00-145.00. When I first saw them they were on the stands with the wristlets and when I went back in later on in the afternoon they were on a table. Hope you can find one.
  11. Was any of the penelope op art stuff bags? Like the shopper or the opt art satchel??? I'm thinking I need something in that gorgeous b & w for school :smile:
  12. Thanks for the very nice comments, y'all!:smile: I just picked up my gorgeous Sabrina from Fedex this morning. I cannot post pics yet as I am supposed to be on a ban (strictly imposed by DH! LOL!) and he is here at home looking suspiciously at me as I type. He's a sweetheart, but doen't understand anything girly. We have two boys and I am the only female around, so it's all about testosterone here! :rolleyes: Oh well. I will sneak in a pic when I can. You should have seen me tiptoeing from my SUV to the nearest closet to hide the humungous box that contained Sabrina! DH was still asleep, and my boys were like, "Mom, is that another wallet?" (Regardless of the box's size, I always tell them its a wallet in case they slip up and accidentally mention it to DH. At least I can say "it was only a wallet for goodness sake!" LOL!) :P

    Tara, did you get her from an outlet too?

    cap, yes she is in perfect condition! The reason why I got such a great discount was because someone in the California outlet accidentally put her back on the floor even after promising that she would be on hold for me for 48 hrs. When the Houston outlet called Cali to charge-send her, she was nowhere to be found! A frantic search ensued, and eventually after an hour or so, they found her! Phew. The manager at the Cali outlet felt so bad for me about the whole fiasco, and offered an additional 20% off the 50% off price, and free shipping! :tup:

    Q, great finds at the outlet! The Penelope things were not out yet when I was there. You are making me want to go back this week, and I really shouldn't! LOL!

    steira, I cheated and wrote down the inventory while I was there :smile: My memory is not all that great, and I didn't want to disappoint my fellow Coachies here, so I asked the SA's there for paper and a pen, and wrote away.
  13. anyone been to the Houston outlet lately?
  14. next time someone goes to the coach outlets take pics of what they have with your phone and post on here so we know what's the latest they have!:tup:
  15. oooh bunny found some goodies tonight! I'm somewhere in spring where I found a sonic and then ill be heading back to my hotel for a small reveal :smile: