Houston outlet, whats there 1/30

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  1. I just went... me loco... anyways back to bags... Same stuff. Lots of leather carlys. Saw the small leather carly with silver hardware, and brass hardware too. Saw gallery totes on the 50% off table. More madison little shoulder hobos... No amanda accessories or resort, op art pony tails. They also had signature fabric with patent stripe bags.
  2. Oh I just remembed, they had more Haversacks today, one turquoise, pink, and a green one. A bunch of chocolate ones. The hang tags say ARCHIVE EDITION just as the ones at Macy's say. Just in case it makes a difference for ya.
  3. How much are the Haversacks? I saw a lady carrying one yesterday, ad it looked so nice on her!
  4. $224.99
  5. any updates on this location?
  6. My SA said this Thursday outlets will get new floorset (Houston Outlet). There will be some deletes coming at the end of the month, maybe 1-2 weeks after this floorset.
  7. anyone been lately? I called hoping to score a Zoe or Sabrina (told Sabrina was FP, they didn't have any).
  8. Just got back, they have Ellies in lime, white w lime trim, white w brown trim. One black bridgit in the back of the shelf. one teal lindsay. resort top handles, the resort foldover bags in the resort print, patent black leather. Still have haversacks. Two black Kristins, man those are huge! A bunch of the op art ponytail in khaki. I got one for$ 9.99. I actually walked out with just that!! Wee!!
  9. Bunny, can you just call your outlet to do the charge/send or always have to go in to do it? Just wondered...I've been racing over to my outlet because Houston will only hold bags on clearance for a couple hours.
  10. I'm jealous of all you Houston area girls...I wish I could shop at that Houston outlet! Maybe I need to tell DH we need to move there!!!!:smile:
  11. haha..I'm jealous of all you girls!!
    I'm very surprised to see the colored leather Ellies!! Which one are you looking for?
  12. Oh they also had in gray and amethyst the legacy crossbody 41834
    Hamptons vintage clutches in mineral...hamptons vintage wallets
    Purple amanda foldover clutches $40
    Hamptons carryall in teal, also the shoulder bags 12917
    Gold ergo convertible totes
    I mostly look at the 50% section...so that's all I recall...
  13. ^^^ we were both there today again! I wonder how many times we are going to be at the outlet at the same time and not see each other?
  14. LOL.. I just posted in your thread ... yeah what time were you there? I was there between 2:20-2:50. Did you see that large straw tote with the flowers on it? It was a return on the back counter behind the cashiers. So cute, but toooo large! It was an XL..
  15. ^^

    I was there around 11 am.. That tote was not there when I was but it sounds fun!

    I returned my FP green sabrina and had the cashiers all a flutter about who was going to get it, LOL!