Houston outlet, whats there 1/30

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  1. Not a prob, we'll work it out ;)
  2. Katy Mills doesn't have a Coach outlet do they?

    The cypress outlet is new, almost a year old. That's the only outlet worth going to IMO. There are smaller outlets but not with big name brands and they are kinda far.
  3. No, Katy only has NMLC, Off Saks, Juicy, etc but not a Coach outlet. When I went to the one in San Marcos a few weeks ago I got 2 Amanda mini-skinnies ($10 each), 1 Amanda wristlet ($30), 3 x 5 agenda ($30), and a gold sig stripe chkbook wallet ($60). Wish I had found a Julianne or Sabrina, but they said they've seen maybe 1 or 2...very rare and they go fast. =( I'll have to check the Cypress one out next time though.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie to the coach forum, but a longtime coachie :smile: Anyway, I'll be at the cypress outlet tomorrow am for a charge-send. If anyone's looking for something specific let me know before today ends so I can look for you. I'll be reporting on what they have when I get back.
  5. ^^ can't wait to hear the report!

  6. I am looking for a legacy bag or a XL Zoe in black. Anything from the fp stores. Thanks
  7. Looking for large or med chocolate zoe, hopefully I can get out there tomorrow!
  8. Just got back. Sorry, no zoe's. Lots of carlys, ergo pleated hobos in red, pink, brown. One legacy pieced leather flap hobo marked down from 1200 to 280. Signature striped totes in denim and magenta. Soho satchels in black and patent brown. Legacy satchels and shoulder bags in black, whiskey, and nylon 50 percent off. Amanda foldover flap/clutches in purple, teal, hotpink. Legacy wallets in black, whiskey and signature. Scribble bags, scarves and wristlets. Ellie in lime and white. One teal lindsay. Keyfobs:red butterfly, white butterfly, bear with scarf, white flower with ladybug, dragonfly, teal silk purse charm, flower lanyards for cell phones.

    Sadly, no Sabrinas. But my charge-send was for a large patent camel Sabrina from California at $287 shipped! Yay!
  9. Thanks for the update. You really did a good job at remembering the inventory. I may have to take a drive to Cypress to check out the Legacy bag. You have to post pictures of your Sabrina when you get it. Great find.
  10. Awesome memory!! Thanks for the 411!! Congrats on your sabrina!!
  11. Wow!!! large patent camel sabrina for only 287$ lucky girl :tup: do you know if it was is good condition? they are hard to find.
  12. Wow!! you are one lucky girl! I had the camel patent one night and returned.. I kinda feel dumb for that now :Push:
  13. omg..I just got a high!! ok, sorry for shorthand im on my phone. i got graffeti ponytails in all colors for $10 #98543, 98533, a belt 90093 $35, penelope wristlet 42160 $40....weeeeeee ;)
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    Here are pics..
    I was in ponytail heaven!! They were all $9.99..


    The variegated sig oblong #98445 was $24.99

    Coach script Belt #90093 $34.99

    And this penelope sig double zip cosmetic#42160 $39.99 It's very thin to hold cosmetics.. I think I'll use it to organize my junk...lol
    It's got orange one of my fav colors and it seems like a very durable material. It's not on the coach.com website anymore...hmmm..

    When I was checking out there was a box of scarfs that must have just came in so I asked to see it and all the graffetti pony tails were in there. They were not on the floor yet... :yahoo:

    Other stuff I saw was 1 black leather Ellie, 1 lime Ellie, 2 white with taupe trim Ellies, 1 fabric Ellie...2 beautiful Camel GIGI's!! OMG... I almost wanted to buy her!! But I have black already.. The camel was sooo pretty. Lots of square valentines scarfs.. Oh and they just got tons of Amanda evening flaps in turquoise and in hot pink. Other than that the usual stuff. Word is they might put out more penelope stuff that goes with the big wristlet thing I got on Friday...:nogood:

    Oh and something real embarrasing, when I went in store my purse set off the alarm... I was like man what's in my bag?? So on the way out it beeped and they desensored it.....I was paranoid like what if they thought something wierd of me? Then I remembered, I had a CD in my purse... That must have been it... I was already paranoid for buying the same ponytails in different colors...I paid cash!! What if they sent me a letter for buying too many?? Dude they are all for me I swear!! :sweatdrop: It's not fair that coach makes us paranoid of our purchases...lol
  15. I just got back... lots of platnium bridgits
    Ellies in orange, white with teal trim
    Hamptons Vintage Leather satchel bag 12442 in white
    Bleeker Leather Sohpie in tan #12406 $104.99 with tattersall lining!! So pretty I had to get one!!
    Hamptons Vintage Leather clutches there was one magenta..so pretty
    Ergo pleated bags now 50% I think it comes out to $140-ish..not sure..
    Still got resort op art stuff. One pretty purple like color resort top handle.

    The new penelope stuff was out, but only 30% off factory price. On the far left got cut off was the small penelope hobo 13327 I believe. In the middle is the clutches & swingpack.. There was two wristlets in the lurex on the far right bottom tray. Cute!!

    Ok I gotta stop these little visits to the outlet..