Houston outlet, whats there 1/30

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  1. Yep, coin purse comes attached to it, normally on a really long chain from the dogleash loop on the inside of the bag.
  2. any updates?
  3. anyone been lately??
  4. has anyone been lately?

    wondering about large sabrinas...
  5. My little birdie told me they had:

    JOSIES :smile:
    ONe purple (already gone), green/wht patent, gold and pink.
    1 green left, 2 gold left, 2 pinks, no purple
  6. I am dying to have something new for the summer, but am still in love with legacy straw....woulda coulda shoulda
  7. They have those straw totes for 199.99 less 50%
    Looks like these, comes in different color leather.
    Not my listing