Houston outlet, whats there 1/30

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  1. What Carly's did they have? Any chocolate sig??
  2. I called because I was interested in the black/silver carly but they didn't have anymore :sad: Thanks for keeping us updated!!!
  3. No I didn't see any of those. I did see the one with the turquoise leather trim, and other leather colored ones. At one point I did see the large black leather carly. I think they still have the plum one.
  4. Does anyone happen to have the style number for the red/black peyton? Is is patent leather?
    What about the price? TIA:tup:
  5. FYI, they arrived more amanda accessories this morning.

    i snagged the cosmetics bag in magenta and the coin purse in purple for a grand total of $25! insanity.

    they only had a handful of avacado wristlets left, and i believe they were $30 a pop. they had SEVERAL planners with 2009 pages for $40. all magazine bags were 50% off $225 or so.
  6. Oh really? Darn it!! Well I'll have to try to swing by. Where there alot of mini skinnys coin purse you got? Thx
  7. #22 Feb 4, 2009
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    Ok, just left. No amanda minis. Lindsay lovers, they had one 12511 brown siggy fabric mix $629.99 - 50%. Also black bridgit. Other than that, same old stuff.

  8. i made nice with a really sweet SA who said she will call me if they get more amanda accessories in. she has no clue how often i'll be calling her in hopes of scoring more of these!
  9. I'm going tomorrow to see if they have more amanda stuff.. nothing when I went on tuesday!
  10. #25 Feb 4, 2009
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    Tara, they had some evening bags for 39.99 I think. A couple wristlets in green. Nothing else in the morning. :sad: Give us a report if you see any resort pony tails or anything new!! :smile: I feel like such a stalker sometimes! A very nice SA said 'oh i stocked up on the amanda accessories when they came in'.....That left me very sad!!
  11. How much was that bridgit? I may go out there Friday.
  12. 139.99 one black one. I'd say call them to see if it's still there or charge hold.
    It's in the shelf with the grey patchwork large clutches. They are in a tray on the shelf. Still has the clear plastic over the brass hardware too.
  13. has anyone seen an all leather cross body bag (swing pack) there?:flowers:
  14. Has anyone been today?
  15. I called the very next morning 1st thing and they said they didn't have any :sad:

    Has anyone been recently? I haven't heard of anything I HAVE to have, and it's an hr drive so I haven't been :sad: