Houston outlet, whats there 1/30

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  1. Anyone been lately? I haven't been in months and it's a hr one way so I hate to drive and not find anything. I plan on going next week just wanted to know if I should do a charge/hold on anything.

    I dont even know whats at the outlets period lol. I've been out of touch with coach.
  2. Hi there!! I can answer that! I was there yesterday. In the 50% off clearance lots of bleeker totes saw some black ones. Ergo convertible totes in magenta and gold. New Limited Edition Bleeker stuff (Celeste & clutches). Bleeker Haversack in chocolate and turquoise. Wallets - french purse in lots of colors, some 08 Legacy wallets. Amanda satin evening bags. Some Ellie fabric bags. Some signature bags in black and gold. Vintage slim envelope wallets. They still had a few Lindsays in espresso.

    In other sections of the store lots of Soho bags. Saw some quilted jackets for 50% off I think. Also saw some Kristen suede bags.

    Carly's were on sale too, can't remember if it was 40 or 50%.
    Keyfobs - red embosssed patent butterfly, and white embossed butterfly. Gold heart lockets. Some of the recent boutique keychains with the Optic print.

    Ergo pleated Satchels in rose, magenta, burnt orange $229 - 30%.

    If you're looking for something in particular let me know and I'll see if I remember it. too many things to list.

    Have fun if ya go!!
  3. OMG ELLIE FABRIC? are you kidding me? PHone number, need to see if they'll charge send!!!!!

  4. how much is the haversack?:nuts:
  5. I'm looking for the bleecker 11431, siggy carly.

    Those are the only two I can think of besides stuff I'm sure they don't have (older stuff or vintage legacy not the made for outlets legacy)
  6. Bunny-Yes the Ellie was like a white-ish thick fabric material. # is 281-304-0385 . It's been there since last week.

    Tara - Haversack was 224.99!! Chocolate and turquoise!!

    - Not sure about that one. But you can call the store and give them the # and they will look it up to see if they have it.
  7. They had two of the bags mentioned above at the San Marcos outlet last Saturday. Don't know if they are still there.
  8. wee just did the charge send from my outlet!
  9. They are! I just returned from there. I like the bag, but not the colors. I can't do white fabric. The least little thing will get it dirty. Nice bag, tho! They also had the red/black Peytons and the choc/pink haversacks.
  10. yeah but the material looks more canvas colored than stark white, yes?
  11. True...I personally love the look of it. Very sophisticated. I actually prefer this bag over the peyton, but I don't think it's a shoulder bag.
  12. Yes on the color
  13. Here's an update for today
    I just stopped at the Houston Premium Outlets on the way home and no amanda stuff. Just one evening bag that had some spots. No python ergo framed satchels either. ..No resort pony tails. Only resort stuff were keychains and one 27x27 scarf which I picked up for 19.99. I seriously think they save stuff for the weekends or they just slow to get the good stuff. :sad:

    They had patchwork bleeker totes, and metallic bleeker totes, lots of magenta and gold ergo convertible totes still. Studded gallery totes. Still have ergo framed satchels, signature stripe bags, lots of carly's 50% off factory price. Hamptons teal shoulder bag & in black. Chocolate haversacks.