Hermes Sydney

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  1. Most of the SAs are fantastic! Mei Lan the manager is just the nicest person.

    Sac en V in matte croc Rouge H reduced apparently from $32k a couple of years ago, $22k before Friday and it's $16k now (just ridiculous!!!!). On display next to payment counter.
  2. more update from H store..

    no price change on lindy bag ( sadly)

    but reduce on Massai PM , new price 3060- 3225 and GM 3195
  3. Claudia's just lovely, isn't she? :smile:
  4. Wow! That's a half price reduction!
  5. Claudia is so so lovely :okay:

    The new Japanese guy whom was ex-Bally manager also a new friendly staff. The rest is alrite.
  6. hello everyone!

    great thread...I'm so missing OZ now :crybaby:

    anyone know if they have also reduced the prices of cashmere shawls? TIA :heart:
  7. i know!!! she is the best SA ever, nice, polite, smile, helpful...

    man you name it !:tup:
  8. I love the Kelly Danse. I bought mine in Blue Brighten croc. They aren't easy to find in the USA either. I hope you won't have a long wait.
  9. hi guys im new to the almighty H thread (usually in chanel) and from melbourne(cant see a H melbourne thread) so ive intruded in here hehe..can anyone tell me about the whole process of buying a kelly or birkin? waiting list line? thankss
  10. Hi Jacqualyn,
    I'm from Melbourne too! Melbourne Hermes is pretty small, if you want a Birkin your best bet is to develop a good relationship with an SA, go in there maybe once a month and buy a scarf or small leather good, while he/she is ringing up your purchases, casually mention you are looking for a Birkin! If you keep doing this you may get lucky within 6 months or so...maybe sooner who knows?
  11. H Sydney has changed their windows - based on the Murder on the Orient Express. Gorgeous! Particularly the travel bags window
  12. Hi,

    Does anyone know when we might see some of the new bags in Sydney? Especially the So Kelly and Jypsiere? I'm really wanting to see one IRL. I also wonder if we'll be getting the Sac Goodnews like the posts have been alluding to. I'm in dire need of a messenger in togo or clemence! :P
  13. The SM told me they did order those bags but haven't arrived yet. I've seen lots of croc birkins though (3 in two weeks is lots for me!).
  14. Thanks for the speedy info! Yes, croc birkins seem to be bounding by.....I for one can't afford it at that price....yikes:cursing: I keep telling myself I'll be good and I need to save up for the new Kelly So or Sac Goodnews. Half the battle for me though is convincing DH that I need a new bag......:okay:
  15. Wow, a Kelly Danse in croc!:faint:
    Have you got action pics, Melliesmom? I'm dying to see, blue brighton as well. What a classy combo!:tup: