Hermes Sydney

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  1. help needed - request for the locations for hermes store in sydney please.

    thanks very much!
  2. There's only one in Sydney, on Elizabeth Street just down from David Jones. I don't know the exact street address but someone else will.
  3. Hi, It is on the corner of Elizabeth and Market Sts, in the city. Just across the road from David Jones.
  4. thanks for the infomation. will check it out.
  5. Hi, does any of you ladies living in Sydney know if the Kelly double tour watch in orange calf leather :love: is available in the Sydney Hermes boutique?

    And does anyone know the price it is going for currently? Thanks!
  6. You can call them and ask - they should be OK answering all your questions re watch availability/price (it's not a birkin or kelly you're asking about after all)
  7. thanks... i'll do just that!
  8. Let us know when you find out, Im curious!
  9. OK, an update after almost after a month... for those who are interested!! I finally made it to the Hermes boutique in Sydney during the weekend!

    Unfortunately, they do not sell the Kelly 2 watch anymore (well, at least in Australia anyway), which is the one Im looking for. She told me it was sold for abt AUD$1800++. They still had the kelly watch ( the one with the "lock" dangling). But I forgot to ask how much that was.

    They also had the cape cod double tour which was abt AUD$2200+

    p.s. the salegirl at the boutique didnt seem like she knew her stuff...:bagslap:
  10. The ones in Melbourne aren't any more helpful.
    I'm thinking of ordering something from the states, has anyone done this before.
  11. hey , i lived in sydney, and i have always walk by hermes so often like...every month...
    howeva i noticed that they dont really have enough knowledge about hermes bags and stuff , cuz one time i was asking for a kellly danse, and that SA got me the wrong bag....=.="
    anyways, but they are pretty nice thought..

    actually i did order from another state in aus be4, i was after a TMP Evelyn and they said they hav that bag in Gold Coast so they hav to ask them to send the bag to sydney.... u probly gonna hav to wait around a week...

    does that help?
  12. Hello guys,,,

    I believe you great tpf members will help me know about birkins availability in Sydney and whether ((Hermes Sydney)) is birkin(s)less and kelly(s)less kind of a store???? :confused1: :confused1:

    Is it okay that I start dreaming to acquire one or two from Sydney?? In mid December? :P
  13. Hi ray of light, when I have been there i have never seen a birkin but I have seen Kelly's. I once asked vaguely about ordering one and they said up to 2 years wait but don't quote me. I am sure many more ladies here would have more of a clue than me as I did not specifically ask.
  14. Sydney indeed has many stocks nowadays including all the birkins in this window picture that i took 2 months ago and i did went into the store and found couple of kellys and a black 35 croc birkin on the table. A very rare sighting at one window specially in sydney :drool:
    Since the interest rate increase multiple times this year and lots of people return to their parents's home :P i guess not many people can afford the bag and mind you that H in australia is the most expensive one compare to other countries.

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  15. Thank you suzie, im crossing fingures ;)

    the thing is that i'll be going in mid dec..i hope i can find any..
    why does it cost much in australia? taxs? don't we get that money back once we leave the country?