Hermes Sydney

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  1. Hello guys,,,

    I believe you great tpf members will help me know about birkins availability in Sydney and whether ((Hermes Sydney)) is birkin(s)less and kelly(s)less kind of a store???? :confused1: :confused1:

    Is it okay that I start dreaming to acquire one or two from Sydney?? In mid December? :P
  2. Hi ray of light, when I have been there i have never seen a birkin but I have seen Kelly's. I once asked vaguely about ordering one and they said up to 2 years wait but don't quote me. I am sure many more ladies here would have more of a clue than me as I did not specifically ask.
  3. Sydney indeed has many stocks nowadays including all the birkins in this window picture that i took 2 months ago and i did went into the store and found couple of kellys and a black 35 croc birkin on the table. A very rare sighting at one window specially in sydney :drool:
    Since the interest rate increase multiple times this year and lots of people return to their parents's home :P i guess not many people can afford the bag and mind you that H in australia is the most expensive one compare to other countries.
  4. Thank you suzie, im crossing fingures ;)

    the thing is that i'll be going in mid dec..i hope i can find any..
    why does it cost much in australia? taxs? don't we get that money back once we leave the country?
  5. [​IMG]

  6. Occasionally there are birkins available in Sydney. You might have to ask as sometimes they are not displayed. There was a lagon swift 25cm and a croc meil 25cm there last week. They also have Kellys but not all of them again are on on the floor.

    I believe it costs more because of duty and tax, as well as transport costs - you can get the tax back but not the duty. Look up HTH

    From the picture, the top birkin was vert anis croc (gorgeous), the one on the right was etoupe and the one on the left I think was potiron. I got to play with all of them!
  7. yes we do get the 9% tax back but the price is still more expensive by couple thousand dollars than the US price including tax. e.g the croc birkin cost almost 8K more than US price i guess.
  8. bags to die for, i did tried on the orange (according to the SA) and the etoupe one, it was a bit small on me (both size 30). Since i just got my cafe 35 birkin so i passed on these one. It seems that they do not have any size 35 birkin on sale at that time.
  9. that is right, for Sydney, they sometimes do have a few birkins available, if u are lucky, u really can get one right the way.

    and they do have kellys, and other bags available.

    howveer, sydney IS one of the MOST expensive country to get H items.
  10. I went to the store on monday and saw the most stunning Hermes bag I have ever seen in the flesh so to speak, mind you I haven't seen many Hermes bags in the wild.

    Anyhow it was a 28 Braise croc kelly, i offered a kidney up as an exchange but they weren't moved.
  11. I couldn't remember it was potiron or orange sorry. Forgot to mention that there were the barenia and toile gange birkin and kelly there last week too.

    Suzie, there was a 28 prune swift kelly that was TDF (I liked it better than the braise) and if it was 32 it would have come home with me! It's pretty hit or miss with Sydney
  12. I actually took my vintage croc in as there is a section on the handle that is coming apart and I just wanted to check if it has to be sent to Paris (it does, but I am going to enjoy her for awhile as she will be away 6 months).
    Anyhow we put my vintage croc kelly 1962 and the braise croc side by side and the workmanship in both was exactly the same, amazing that 46 years on they are made exactly the same.
    By the way, I am still fantasising about the braise was sublime and $33,000.

    Do you know what prices are in Oz for Birkins and Kelly's, I know they are more expensive than OS but I have never asked?
  13. Prices are ridiculous as BirkineSS said. I have never asked about Kellys and the price you mention seems reasonable (!) relative to birkins. I think a 30cm shiny birkin porosus was in the mid to low $40k and the 35cm birkin was mid to low $50k. The matt ones are more expensive. I'm stretching my memory - I've written down the prices in the other thread about what you seen and where.

    So if I extrapolate from prices of leather goods e.g. an azap which is US$2200 roughly in the US and convert by adding 20%, it's about A$2600. It's a little more than A$3000 here. So about 15-20% more here (I'm sure I've calculated taxes incorrectly somewhere). That would be the $8000 difference mentioned about for a croc birkin.
    If the US dollar keeps going up, it's not going to make as much difference. I've asked and the SAs only know about price increases in Jan and not before.
  14. For price reference, Kelly Sellier in Vache Liegee (sp?) 32 cm was retailing around AUD11,590 couple of months ago this year.
  15. Wow, that is a fair bit more than the US, I guess we have import tax etc so nothing to do with Hermes.

    That is the reason why I will probably never be able to buy a bag from the store as it is just too expensive for me but now in the age of the internet there are other ways to aquire H bags.