Hermes Sydney

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  1. The good thing about the crocs being around is that I've found my HG in cocoan! Can't quite afford those crocs either unless I win Lotto!
  2. Congratulations! Cocoan must be to die for! I'm so happy for you....another good Sydney story! I think we'll have to share the lotto pool and we could probably buy the whole croc farm....or at least, if I win the lotto, let's go shopping and we'll walk out with a croc each:idea:
  3. Sorry to mislead you but I didn't buy it - just drooled incredibly around it!
    Money trees are not growing around me...! Still - we should go up to Darwin/Far North Qld to see these H crocs... :P and buy shares in those farms.
  4. aah, but you're allowed to dream, right? At least you got to play with it...see it IRL. :smile:
  5. My GOD, has anybody else seen the HAC in the window? (appeared over the last few days). I just stood looking at it for about 10min... quietly caressing it through the glass..
  6. been done that for the last few days too ... :graucho: its so yummie ya :graucho:
  7. my god !!! I saw this 50 or 55 HAC on the display window today !!

    and an organge kelly !!!! i m like .......oh my god !!!!
  8. OMG me too me too on my way out from work! Stopped dead in my tracks - the HAC is soooo :drool:
  9. speaking of crocs..can anyone tell me if this is true or friend was doing some 'research' on hermes bags and told me that hermes keep/breed their own crocs..and when they reach a certain age..than BAM!................................they become bags! lols
  10. ^ The porosus croc is actually from Queensland and the nilo is African, I think. Obviously the second part of your post is true. Crocs are farmed for their leather so obviously they are killed on the farm. The bags are not from crocodiles dying of old age, LOL
  11. Hey guys and girls. Given the tanking of the Aussie in the past week, has anyone heard from the stores in Australia if H is considering any price increases in the immediate/near future? Thanks!
  12. I was just wondering this too! Cos now Twillys and pocket squares are actually cheaper here than in Singapore! :wtf:
  13. Exactly! Luxury boutiques in Australia are getting cheaper than overseas until they increase prices! This can't stay forever, so definitely need to find out when they're going to make the adjustment. We have to act before they do ;)
  14. i dont know if this is true, but i think Hermes will increase price anyways whether it is during economic downturn, or economic expansion..

    people said the US is gonna increase the price again by next year Feb, donno about aus yet~
  15. I have a feeling Hermes might skip a price increase elsewhere in the world because of the downturn. I would have thought especially in the US, some of their prestigious clients will be hit with diminishing asset portfolios or for some finance professionals, without a job. Hiking the price there is like cutting their own sales?!

    But for Australia, because of the sharp drop in our currency, they'll definitely make an adjustment. What we're not sure is whether Hermes will make a special adjustment very soon (out of their usual price hike cycles in Februaries).