Hermes Sydney

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  1. Hi pas de cheval, sounds like a good idea. I phoned up the store yesterday to get a few prices, here they are:

    Scarf 70 x 70-$410
    Scarf 90 x 90-$495

    Enamel bracelets:


    Small size-$725
    Large Size-$740
  2. hermes ex-libris (no pattern) cashmere AU$1650
  3. GM cashmere shawls e.g. Tohu Bohu, Marwari are $1460
    Gavroche or pochette silk scarves (the small square) $200
    Azap wallet (the longer one) chevre is $3040
    Dogon wallet (the one with the removable wallet) in togo is $1950
    Kelly swift/clemence 28cm around $9500
    Garden Party canvas/leather MM is $2300

    Just as an aside on the RTW - ridiculously expensive :wtf: but gorgeous short cashmere cape/coat with removable ermine on collar - $13000!!! (i think a birkin is preferred here...) Deerskin leather jacket only $7500 :sweatdrop:
  4. That's a great start!

    here to add to the list....

    Chaine d'ancre scarf ring $210
    PM Ulysse insert $55
    PM Ulysse $235
    Lavender drawer sachet $75
    Paper drawer liners $60
    Globetrotter zip agenda in chevre $1865
    Bolide (1923 model) chevre de coromandel $6935
  5. Ohhhh my god! You ladies are the sweetest ON EARTH :heart:
    I am building a good knowledge about hermes Sydney now especially on tax.. :tup:Thank you all…
    I’ll definitely will let you know how my trip goes…wish me some luck in getting my dream 35/birkin in pink fuchsia or yellow....:drool:
    love the list, ;) will assist me planning my budget
  6. Medor twillly $360
    Elephant charm/key chain $270
    Panda charm/key chain $250
    Picotin MM $2830 (barenia)
    Evelyn PM2 $2830 (clemence)
    Lotus cadena $410
  7. birkin 35 $12045
  8. Thanks for the price reports ladies!
  9. this is great !!!!
    so this is a thread abt hermes sydney prices?/

    my god !! this si just wonderful!

    anyone knows how much is the mini constance belt? in AUD
  10. hermes_lover, I'm quite sure I saw the belt in a display cabinet in the Sydney store. Call them!
  11. I saw one on display in a glass cabinet! Couldn't stop staring at it... :drool:

    :roflmfao: Now that's a fair deal...

    We sure do, and it's something ridiculous like 30% or something. Applies to cosmetics and fragrances as well. Which explains why everything is so hideously expensive here. :tdown:

    That's exactly what I did! Malaysia and Singapore prices are great :tup:

    For GST refund purposes any purchases totalling $1,000 or above requires a tax invoice to be prepared, with the purchaser's name, address and telephone number stated. GST can be refunded on most purchases of at least $300 and for travel within 30 days. :yes:

    Wow I never knew Hermès made these kind of items! What do they look like? Sounds like a great gift idea!
  12. Eminere,

    The paper liners come in a long box of 5 sheets all rolled up. They are white with an the large house of Hermes embossed in the middle. It smells wonderful actually; everytime I open a cupboard or a drawer there it is!

    The lavender bags are actually Hermes linen measuring 6 by 6 inches and they are filled with a square of lavender. I wish I had a functioning digital camera but I don't....I have a Leica M6 (takes film) and I'm saving up for a Leica M8 (digital).....which at this rate, makes me wonder if I should save up for a Kelly instead! You're right, it makes a wonderful gift for something small. It comes in white, or beige or navy blue. I pop by now and then and I love discovering small Hermes items that aren't quite accessories. I saw a measuring tape recently for about 400 dollars and it had a black box covering and I thought, wow, if I could have one measuring tape it would be that. It's a pity that in Australia I've never seen one of their famous bicycles. I'd love one.

    I'm really glad Karin Upton-Baker who oversees Hermes Australia decided to bring in RTW boots....I hope she continues to bring some interesting items to our shores.....

    Next time you swing past Hermes, ask to see their umbrellas, or drawer liners, there's so much undiscovered territory!:tup:
  13. Thanks so much for that, pas de cheval! Now I'm really intrigued - they sound just lovely :heart:

    I gotta agree with you that finding these kinds of little surprises that aren't quite accessories can be very satisfying ;)
  14. Hermes Lindy bag AU$7k++. The price different between both sizes only AU$100++.
  15. Believe it or not but there has been some price decreases in the store :faint:. The PM canvas garden party has reduced from $2300 to $1600. The GM Massai has reduced by $1000, the PM size is around $3000. Also, some of the picotins have also reduced but I didn't ask what the prices are. I'm still in shock....:wtf: