Hermes Sydney

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  1. i know~ so its rarely....i will purchase kelly,birkin,constance in sydney!
  2. ^^ ITA Suzie, I really think H AUS charges exorbitant prices on their bags! I was told the etoupe 30cm was selling at around AUD13K++!!!! even with the 9% tax back, it still works out to be so much more expensive!!!
  3. The etoupe 30cm was $11k, not $13k. I think a 35cm would be $12,500.
  4. another example, a twilly in Sydney is selling at AUD 210 (please correct me if I am wrong), where in Singapore its SGD 200. AUD210 is SGD 250!!!!!
  5. bagstodiefor, thanks for the correction!
  6. Twillies are A$200 I think, buying at KLIA in Malaysia is cheaper at A$140!

    However, my thoughts are even though you can buy smaller items overseas at cheaper prices, purchasing a birkin can be quite difficult. So after researching on tPF, unless you have relationships with SAs overseas or get lucky at FSH/US or buy from resellers, I would suggest one should just pay the price if you really want the bag (and try to get the GST back). On the other hand, the Sydney store has been helpful with POs/SOs and I'm not a VIP. IMHO.
  7. So to get the GST back do you have to travel outside the county? Sorry for my ignorance.
  8. yes Suzie, you do, good thing with Australia is, even if you are citizens, you still can claim the GST (unlike Singapore), as long as you claim it within the 1 month before your travel. But please make sure that the receipt is the same name as the person who is going to claim it, the customs are really strict!!!
  9. Yes Suzie, you have to go overseas (by plane/ship). I think Norfolk Island counts too! As teepotz says, just check the name on the receipt. But if it's less than $1000 you don't need the name on the receipt.
  10. ^ thanks guys, I am learning a lot here this evening..
  11. bagstodiefor, I am going to KL next week, I will definetely check out H in the airport as well as the one in Pavillion!
  12. I found recently Sydney store is having quite a bit of stock on birkin and kelly. I saw a few birkins on the shelf on last few months.

    I guess you just need to visit the store a few more times and it is all by luck.

    The price is getting a bit more reasonable as AUD has been dropping quite a lot on last few weeks.

    but of course if u r earning Australian dolla r( not a visitor) this is not going to make a difference.

    I think as long as u r purchase is over $300 AUD and u r leaving the country within 30days u can get the GST back.

    I think Birkin 30 is around 10k before tax return and birkin 35 is around $12000 before tax return.
  13. I thought they would be more expensive than that Chloe. Aren't the Kelly's around that price also?
  14. kelly is around 8k -9k mark.. so i prefer to pay a bit more for birkin..
  15. Hi guys,

    This is a wonderful thread for exchange about Hermes in Australia. I don't know many prices in Australian dollars, and most threads about bags are in US dollars. Just wondering if we could start a thread about Hermes items in Australia and pricing in AUD? It would be good to have a current list just so that we can compare with other listed prices? I've noticed that there are so many questions about items in AUD, it would be great if we had a list. For instance, I wonder how much a lindy costs here, I know how much they cost in the US, and I'm thinking about the Kelly So but have little idea about how much it is likely to retail here. I know it's 5100 for the smaller in US. It would be lovely if we could form a thread and keep adding to it. What do you think?