Hermes Sydney

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  1. Oh wow really? Do you know if the Harnais has also been reduced? I was there today and I think the SA said the MM was just under $1,500...?
  2. i know!! In fact i think there is ...

    because I was predicting that mini constace belt will be $750 sth, but when i asked for that price, it $695 , which i think it became very reasonable !!
  3. I mean affordable, and very surpriced:wtf:
  4. I forgot to add some of the Trim bags prices were also reduced. Not sure about the Harnais. Was told that none of the "new" model bags were reduced (eg the bag that has a triangleish shape??? - on display next to the garden party bags). Belts were not mentioned. Birkins and Kellys definitely not mentioned!!!
  5. price reduce!!! ??? no wonder when i knew the birkin 30 cost around 10k (before tax return). i am surprise as i remember it was around the same price 2 yrs ago...

    maybe due to the currency???

    so anyone know the retail price for massai and garden party?? and belt if possible ??
  6. This is an amazing thread, and I'm so glad we have it! Hello to everyone! The weather's been great in Melbourne and we're in for a nice warm spring!

    Price reduction? EXCUSE ME?:nuts: I can't believe I heard it correctly.....Thanks so much, BTDF, that is such wonderful news you've put up! I'd definitely be wandering into my boutique, now that you've mentioned. Been thinking about the Victoria FT....I have way too many canvas bags though. Last year at their mid-year sale (in August 2007) I wandered in thinking that there would be only RTW on sale, but they actually had a number of Garden Parties at 50% off and some other canvas bags on sale. That was the only time I've seen a price reduction on bags, and I thought the same would happen this year with their sale, but didn't see any bags on sale.

    I'm saving up for a Kelly So or the new Sac Goodnews bag (when we get it here....), so I'm afraid I'm on a ban! But so lovely to hear about it.....:tup:
  7. Hermes_lover, did you end up getting the belt?

    I read before that you were thinking about the Kelly Danse (from the Hermes prices thread), how is it going? Have you been able to track one down? Good luck if you are still looking....:rolleyes:
  8. ok here are some input for men's product that i've bought.
    colorado in GM size $ 2985
    ties ($230 & $290) not sure what these are called. but they look more like a knit instead of a normal tie. there are some amazing leather tie in hermes melbourne for around $ 800 mark.
    the rest of my hermes are bought in overseas or it wouldn't be relevant if i put it here.
  9. ok! just called hermes again and confirmed there was a price reduction on canvas bag since last friday . unbelievable!!
  10. hey ~ thanks for asking, i asked about the mini constance belt price yesterday, it is $695 sth, and i did placed a special order for a kelly danse, since they dont have any in Australia, i guess i might to wait for some time ...~:P
  11. Wow this is good news for the Aussies! :tup:
  12. my god ! i kknow ! a price reduce.... it is so unbelivable...
  13. could some of the girls confirm which item will have the price reduction?

    so far i know canvas item which is like garden party.. how about lindy or massai or pictoin?? any information will be helpful..hehehe
  14. hi there,
    I was just wondering what are the SA's like in this store? I have never been inside an H store (all purchases have been via ebay) and am too intimidated to visit the one in my hometown. I will be in Sydney next month and was thinking of checking it out but am not intending on buying anything, will they frown upon just browsing? thanks for your help
  15. Claudia is super SA :woohoo: