Fashionphile is selling this FAKE I returned!!

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  1. That was also what concerned me. Besides the shoddy bag passing authentication, when I called it to their attention, they dismissed me. If someone says a bag is fake, Fashionphile needs to take the customer seriously and do serious investigation. Maybe they hear this a lot from people or something and get tired it. @fashionphile please increase training for your employees to include how to deal with customers who receive fakes or think they have received one. The sales ladies with whom I’ve spoken are super sweet and courteous, but they repeat the same line over and over, indicating they don’t believe me and ignored my plea to remove the bag from the site.

    Also, apparently a great deal of education is needed in the Chloe authentication department.

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    I’ve been following this thread and like others have said, very scary buying preowned and possibly getting a fake. I had a bad experience with TRR and would never purchase from them again. I purchased 2 Chanel bags from a Boutique Patina and was very pleased with my experience there. Purchased a. LV from Yoogies and that was good too.

    In the last few months I’ve made several purchases from FP. Including a Chanel bag which I did not have authenticated as it came with the Chanel box and authentication card, and I thought FP was safe. I will now have it authenticated on TPF. I’ve also purchased 4 Chanel brooches. Are these ever faked?

    I just had an experience with FP last week that makes me think twice about purchasing from them again...I bought a Chanel necklace and when I received it, I could tell there had been a very obvious repair made to the necklace. It was sloppily done, and there was no mention of this in the description and you couldn’t tell in the pix. I called them to let them know, and that it either should not be relisted or this certainly should be described. The badly repaired link could cause the Chanel charm to fall off besides looking awful! They said they would put notes in the computer and review the necklace ....since I’d had it favorited, I immediately received an email about the necklace, that it was on sale, as soon as they relisted it.

    So they relisted it and did not describe the repair. Just lowered the price on my story does not fit in with the fake thread I guess, but I wanted to add it as it does not sit well with me. FP charges very high prices on their Chanel jewelry, higher even than boutique retail in many cases...certainly in the case of most of the brooches I’ve bought...and resisting the repaired necklace without mentioning it I think is so not cool. That’s my 2 cents !
  3. I appreciate the OP bringing this whole process to our attention as I think many people just believe in their authentication process and do not have items authenticated upon receipt. I will definitely be scrutinizing all my purchases from them and having them authenticated. I’ve never had an item come back fake, but I have had one that couldn’t be authenticated so I returned it. I don’t know. Good luck everyone.
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  4. OMG you guys...they are reselling the bag I just returned! It is the Chloe Paddington Brown loaf in the outlet site. It is item #314520. They sent me an email stating this bag went through a second process and was deemed to be authentic.
    The hardware is all wrong or am I wrong? Wish i had taken more pictures because not only is the padlock wrong but the hardware that zips up the bag is wrong.
  5. what should be the worth of this purse?
  6. I did not know this and i was going to buy this from the website you shared in screen shot...
    Thanks for saving me
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  7. Maybe the hardware is wrong but the bag is authentic. People replace and repair hardware on bags all the time. If I replace the chains on my Chanel bag is the bag then a fake? No. It's just altered. Perhaps the hardware is different and they just need to mention that. Just guessing!
  8. Oh, that’s awful.
    I’ve received a questionable bag from FP twice. The last one was a Chanel lambskin flap. There was a tiny dot on it. I had used Cadillac lotion on all my Chanel bags, so I thought, this tiny dot would be easy to take care of. Well, it went away, but the swab I used ended up with black on it. I took another swab with barely any water on it, so little the swab felt dry, and gently swiped two inches of an unnoticeable area once. The swab was black, not even grey. I took a dry, clean, white cloth and gently swiped the bag, it ended up with a light ash gray coating. After further inspection, the chevron didn’t match up and I scoured the internet for photos of this specific bag and didn’t find one. I sent it back, it was too questionable. The other bag from FP, I questioned and they told me it had been altered, but not listed as altered. I didnt appreciate that they were less than candid about its condition. I returned that one, too.
    I returned a Chanel Reissue to another popular site, because I knew it was a fake. I have a real Reissue and the pre-loved bag I bought had subtle differences that made me question it. I think the big difference was the look of the stamp in the bag and the writing on the authenticity card was slightly crooked.
    I now buy new. I have resigned myself to classics, regardless of brands, if I don’t have the immediate funds for a seasonal or limited edition bag. The super fakes are too scary.
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    Buying pre-loved doesn’t mean “not enough funds.” I could buy 10 Himalayan Hermès Birkins and a few Ferraris in cash if I wanted. But that’s just a waste of money. I’d rather make my spending go further if I can. I just bought a new Porsche (vs used) and stayed at the dealership for hours until I got the price I felt it was worth. Buying new is great too. I’m glad you found a way to get bags that you feel comfortable with. Just know that some of us sometimes simply prefer pre-owned. I actually just adore shopping at thrift stores and Goodwill. The jeans are already broken in and I can find my size 0 or 00 because people tend to outgrow their clothes and give them away. And you can find very unique or discontinued items.

    The good news is that we have authenticators here and Fashionphile has a free 30 day return policy. So at least it has been easy to get my money back any time I decided to send a bag back.

    They do guarantee authenticity for life, however, I imagine it would be quite a process to prove the bag is not authentic, send the bag back, and try to get the refund.

  10. I'm a big fan of FP as a trusted source of "authentic" designer goods. This is not good. I will let them know next time I visit. I plan to sell a few purses to fund another Chanel purchase. They need to be put on BLAST if knowingly selling fakes!

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    I’m sorry I was ambiguous, I’m talking about myself- “if I don’t have immediate funds...” There have been times I haven’t had the funds at the time a seasonal bag rolls out in the boutiques, so I end up checking out the pre-loved market for it to show up in the future, hopefully by that time I have decretionary funds.
    And yes, we do a lot of Plato’s closet, thrift and vintage shopping in our house. My daughter is a 00 and understands what you’re saying.
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  12. I had not interpreted any malintention. I just wanted to bring up the choice and benefits of pre-loved/pre-owned versus the choice and benefits of new. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, and thank you for sharing your experience! May we all be a bit more cautious in our purchases!

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  13. No worries.:hugs:
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  14. some body tell me the prize of the purse?
  15. That is so ridiculous!!! Wonder if one can make a police report since they are a company and its illegal selling fakes so they will take it more seriously
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