Fashionphile is selling this FAKE I returned!!

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    I'm just seeing this thread and don't know whether the above was posted yet.

    ETA: This post was an old one she made on her profile page but she solicits you contact with concerns:

    Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 1.41.18 PM.png
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  2. ^^^ doesn't look like they've been online here since 2017, so I would imagine a direct contact through the site would be better.
  3. No but contacting her by PM and directing her here couldn't hurt.
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    Thank you so much for bringing this thread to my attention PrairieBagurl. I've read all of your posts and of course went straight to our head of authentication to find out the story. I wish I had a better explanation to come back to you with... and while there is some technical back story, there really is no excuse. This was a matter of our team making a mistake, and then us making a procedural error on the return. This is not something I take lightly at all... and honestly, oddly (although I'm sure some of you may understand) I can't sleep over issues like this one. I started selling on eBay in 1999- and since that day authenticity has been my/ our number one concern. Above everything else we do, if we don't get that right, nothing else matters. We have always offered a lifetime guarantee on authenticity- with zero restrictions... for situations like this one. And thankfully, and because of literally decades of research, study and focus, and with the hundreds of thousands of bags we've sold so far, this has been a very rare occurrence. I am sorry and apologize not only personally but for my team. We will do better. This particular situation has brought up an issue in our process that we are addressing as we speak as well as an opportunity for additional training. Again, thank you for speaking up. "
  6. I rarely post but i had to in this case. I receive my Chloe Paddington yesterday and it too is a FAKE!!! I got a great deal but not great when it is fake. I also purchased it at Fashionphile outlet. Very disappointed and am returning it at your San Francisco store.
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  7. Did you see @fashionphile 's post above? You might want to let her know that this indicates there's a more pervasive problem with their authenticators/authentications than she might be aware of!
  9. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Here are a few pictures of the bag
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    Hmmm...........To the BOLD RED highlighted part above ^^? Seriously? You have been making Mistake's across different Brands for YEARS & YEARS so when is it going to stop?

    Okay, More "additional training?" across ALL the brands maybe?

    And now another Member has been sent a Fake?

    ETA: It would also be helpful if you posted more pictures WITH pertinent details.
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  11. Eep!! Please come back and see the posts after your response. I love you guys overall but this is becoming very concerning. I have my finger ready to buy my first Chloe from the site and I found this post while researching the bag I wanted... I’ve purchased from you at at least 10 times throughout the years and this is the first time I’ve ever hesitated.

    ETA. I have been researching the super fake market to educate myself on LV and Chanel. If these shoddy Chloe bags are passing your authenticators, I am really feeling worried. :sad:
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  12. If @fashionphile doesn't come back with another response I'm cancelling the layaway on my Chloe bag :eek: I MIGHT buy from another brand but there seems to be some issues with authenticating Chloe based off the responses...
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  13. This is it:
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  14. FYI i returned the fake chloe to the San Francisco show room and told the sales person that i was returning the bag because after some research i deemed the bag to be fake. He definitely did not want to hear it and said he was not an authenticator and was pretty abrupt. i explained that they need to look at the bag again and not sell it because it was an obvious fake. I left feeling ignored. This is not my first time purchasing from Fashionphile and the other bags i have been happy with.
    I hope they dont try selling this bag again!!!
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