Fashionphile is selling this FAKE I returned!!

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  1. #46 Jan 8, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
    I just packed up a fake Givenchy Mini Pandora to send back to fashionphile , it wasn’t even a great fake, the inside was obviously poorly done, the tag was not soft leather, the stamping was wrong, the lining was cheap and scratchy, the dust bag was an obvious fake from a mile away. This was only my second purchase from them and it is my last. I never post, but I’m pissed.
  2. Omg! I’m feel so bad that you guys were sold fake items. I just purchased a pair of Leopard Louboutins, I’m awaiting authentication in the CL forum.

    This kind of solidified it for me. I’m done purchasing anything from them. 3 fonts has reported receiving fakes this week! Wtf is going on with FASHIONPHILE??
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  3. that is insane!!! Thank you for sharing
  4. OP, I’m so sorry that this happened to, but glad you and others shared your experience with FP.

    I’ve been lurking their site for a while and have thinking about purchasing since they ‘guarantee 100% authenticity’ but clearly this isn’t the case.

    Not worth the uncertainty or hassle of possibly needing to return.
  5. Yea I purchased a product from them and now am nervous, I never checked the authenticity when I brought it. I just trusted them. Any ideas to what I should do? Im not sure how to check this?
  6. When you receive the bag have it authenticated. They might need a paid authentication with a certificate as proof. Get it checked here in the right forum first though. Good luck.
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  7. Fashionphile isn't like ebay, you don't need a reason to return if you're within 30 days and haven't removed the tags.
    While it's disappointing fakes are getting through, their return policy is very generous and would give you ample time to have something authenticated. They guarantee authenticity because they don't hassle you if you try to return.
    FWIW, I've purchased quite a few things on FP without issue. I've also returned a few things that weren't my style, and it was easy as pie.
  8. I have had the bag for a couple months, I planed to keep it, and never thought to get it authenticated. I always buy new and this was my first time buying preloved. Ill see if I can get it authenticated on here.
  9. It’s very nice, thank you xiaoxiao! I also got a B30 and a K32 Sellier a week or so prior to that! They were all practically new with plastic still on the hardware.
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  10. You must be looking at a different bag. There is another Chloe similar. The one I am referencing has the same serial # and item # as the one I bought. I have spoken with Fashionphile and they have emailed me and they acknowledged that.

  11. #57 Jan 10, 2019
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    This is not the same bag as the one referenced in my post. Item# F0289540 was mine.
    The bag you referenced was item #320770.

    They emailed me that they finally took my bag down.


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  12. Yes, thank goodness you can return items for free within 30 days! You just need to get your item authenticated if you want peace of mind, unless you are confident you can spot a fake. So you can’t really trust their authenticators.

  13. Enjoy all of your new goodies and have fun!
  14. I feel bad for whomever bought the "periwinkle" blue Chloe this morning. They never released a Marcie in that color :sad: I don't know what is going on with them lately but they have let tons of fake Chloe's slip through the cracks.