Fashionphile is selling this FAKE I returned!!

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  1. I just saw it on the Outlet also. I can’t believe Fashionphile is doing this, I’m shocked. Good thing you had the real deal to compare it to and know what to look for. I wonder how often this happens? I know it’s buyer beware, but I’ve purchased from them before and know this doesn’t instill confidence. They need to take it off.
  2. This is so disappointing. I've been inside the LA vault and really thought they were serious authenticators!
  3. O wow
  4. That reminds me why I would never by pre-loved. If I cannot afford brand new from the boutique, then the bag is out of my price range... thanks OP for sharing this.
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  5. That’s so crazy... how’s your 35 kelly working out? So glad you kept it.
  6. I have been a very long term loyal customer of theirs for years - probably close to $100,000 spent. I am extremely disappointed as well.

  7. The thing is, some of us are buying discontinued items from previous seasons. In this case, we can't buy it from the boutique. The obvious answer is to have everything independently authenticated (unless it is an item that we are so familiar with that we are certain of its authenticity), the problem is that Fashionphile is presenting themselves as an authority on authenticity. When one buys vintage on auction sites, we assume that we need to seek authentication, but when we buy from a respected reseller we might not always second-guess their opinion. This is a problem.
  8. I don’t know anything about Chloé bags, but if indeed this bag is fake, this is really disappointing from Fashionphile. :tdown:
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  9. Wow!!! I’m shocked that they did that. I am so fearful of this. There is truly nothing that could stop a scammer from returning a superfake version of what was sold too [emoji848]
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    Here is a link to the fake Chloe Paddington I received from Fashionphile that is back up for sale. I sent it back & called & emailed them about it, along with detailed photos showing why it is fake. They have relisted it! The online photos don’t even show the obvious sign of a fake: the inside of the handles, which have little leather balls stuffed up inside them. See my pics below.

    TPF’rs that wish could call and email them about removing this bag. My faith in them is shaken for failing to detect and refusing to acknowledge this issue!
    Phone: 1-844-619-8902

    I have been a good customer of Fashionphile for years. I probably spent $40,000, no wait that was just for Christmas....make that $75,000 in 2018 alone.

    I already included screenshots of our emails on another post in the Chloe forum. 114C8AB2-D709-4ABE-884B-7EE61B86A0BD.jpeg FFAD581A-C89F-4D85-8F85-E6C52CFE26F2.jpeg 135215E5-78D6-4938-993B-D5D97DCCF92C.jpeg 1913B64E-0B2B-4249-A3D7-D7590000538D.jpeg

    Below is a screenshot of my account showing the item was purchased December 3, order #380928, item #F0289540, and returned (although it says “cancelled.”)

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  11. FASHIONPHILE doesn’t respond to emails.
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  12. Trying:
    Hi Rainne Day,
    Thank you for contacting FASHIONPHILE! Hang tight, we are working on responding to you as soon as possible!

    Please note that emails and inquiries submitted through our website and app are returned in the order in which they are received. For immediate service during operating hours, please call us. Thanks in advance for your patience and support.
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    Im shocked at FP. Thats a really obvious fake, they must be out of their minds trying to pass it off as real!
    I just checked the link. The bag on the site is not the same bag as in your photos. They have a real one on the site. You can see clearly the lock is not the same.
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    What is going on? Is the bag fake or real? I don’t have social media but could someone direct message them on instagram, Twitter or Facebook??

    They’ve changed the price to $195 & as @Roie55 said the lock is different. The lock on the website photo appears to be in very good condition as the lock in OP photos clearly has signs of wear.

  15. I emailed them a few months ago about getting pics of part of a bag on their site and they did get back to me a few days later with the requested pic (I did not get the bag).
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