Fashionphile is selling this FAKE I returned!!

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  1. I purchased this bag from Fashionphile but to my great disappointment discovered it was fake. I sent detailed photos, complained, and returned it and now they have relisted it! At an even higher price!!
    More detailed photos to come
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  2. Here are the photos I took: 14CC25B4-AD5B-4651-A157-71957AAA8A3C.jpeg 1B8FB94F-8E7E-4F4B-BDB7-2A7CB7A76601.png 634C9BDF-C002-4321-9478-AA0DFEC91B6D.jpeg 95456603-99D8-4DA9-8FAB-A248AE4202A5.jpeg
  3. Here are comparisons with my real Paddington: 7BCF4E7E-F420-4879-9C94-F9B492D143D0.jpeg CC4050F3-6AFD-4482-B01D-4C2A2713EFF0.jpeg ED31D706-BF07-44C2-AC8F-B4F37902F8EC.jpeg A6F27738-A90F-42CC-A1D3-A7BAAA05E528.jpeg 5EE12A56-6F48-4F5A-A3C7-513560E63E8B.jpeg
  4. Thank you for sharing this. Ugh, that's awful! What are they thinking!? Maybe they'll see your post and take down the item, we can only hope. I've purchased from them one time, my DH actually bought a scarf for me. The only issue that I had was that it was not marked as a sale scarf on their site, when it was in fact from a sale (Hermes), we saw the faded "S" on the tag upon unboxing it. This bag goes beyond omitting a small detail. Wow.
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  5. I had lengthy discussions with them about this bag and emailed them very detailed photos. They know the bag is fake.

    I am only posting this now because they blatantly ignored the lack of authenticity and are still trying to sell it.

  6. Incredible!!! And so disappointing. You did more than your job, wth is wrong with them?
  7. Wow. Good info. Says a lot that they know and are just like “oh well”.
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  8. I was watching a video from a youtuber complaining about the same thing. She's from Australia and had to even pay duties for her bag and then when she got it, was fake and completely different from the pictures in their website.
    She returned the bag but they didn't refund her duties, which was almost $500 and tried to give her a gift card to spend in the website with the same amount of the duties. LOL! After such a horrible experience i'm not sure if I would like to make another deal with them.
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  9. Also. The paddington bag probably wouldn’t work in my life but your red one looks so smushy and soft. I seriously want to buy one just to curl up with on the couch and watch Netflix with. Your bag is to die. :love:
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  10. That's terrible! I would post it to their FB page with your pics and ask why they are selling a known fake. It's pretty blatant as well, hard to believe they missed that:sad:
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  11. Don’t they have an account here? Maybe @ them
    This is troubling, they have grown so much in the last couple years. Hopefully their authentication process isn’t going down hill.
  12. Awful.
  13. Actually, more than awful. Why? Because I’ve seen many others and have always wondered how they get away with it. Yet, when I’ve tried to call them out on it here....I got shut down. This bag is obvious....many aren’t. That’s what’s so awful.
  14. I just purchased 3 Hermés @ about $11,000 apiece from them, not to mention all the Louis Vuitton’s, etc. You would think they made enough money off of me to go ahead and burn the $170 fake Chloe (that’s how much it was priced when I bought it - beats me why they raised the price).
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