Fashionphile is selling this FAKE I returned!!

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  1. I'm surprised that this thread isn't getting more traffic/comments, and that Fashionphile has not commented. :confused1:
  2. For me it seems many people are aware of this:angel:
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  3. #63 Jan 12, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
    I am not at all surprised.

  4. I think I saw that video, too...wasn't it Caitlin Pawlowski's video where she purchased a Palm Springs Mini?
    I remember it was coming apart.
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  5. If this Thread was moved to the eBay Forum, you are more likely to receive more traffic & replies & Links to Posts from other Members who have been sold a Fake from FP.

    ETA: This isn't the first time FP have been caught listing & selling Fakes. It's been ongoing for YEARS & YEARS & across ALL different designer labels including LV. Some of which, have been caught on the ATLV Thread.
  6. I was recently thinking I should look at some of the pre-loved sites, but this has convinced me to avoid them all. I don't think they recognize fakes anymore than the average person does. I've read articles on this subject that state that the super fakes even fool the brands themselves! If they can't tell the difference, how can we?! The only real peace of mind is to save up your $$$ and buy directly from the brand.
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  7. Omg I had no idea but yes I guess we just get too comfortable/trusting with reputable consignment shops.
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  8. Grr. I’m only now in the market for a couple more Paddingtons....I don’t like ‘it’ bags when they’re ‘it bags’ and I wait till they’re good and dead to expand a disappointing to know there are a) still so many fakes out there and b) that supposedly reputable authenticators at supposedly trustworthy venues are that ‘blind’. Balls!!!!!
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  9. Oh my god! Now I’m worried! I bought LV and Chanel from them.
  10. YES!!! It was her!
  11. Oh man, I'm worried now. I'm in the middle of purchasing a Chloe Faye on layaway but now I'm second guessing myself
  12. Literally just bought my first Chloe on FP :confused1: It's on layaway but gee now I'm concerned it might be inauthentic
  13. I know, it doesn’t instill confidence, does it? Scary!
  14. I've been a purseblog/purseforum lurker for yeaaaaars and finally made an account just to respond to this. YUCK! I just purchased a suede Celine New Shoulder and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. My only saving grace is that the NS is one of Celine's more low-key styles, so who the heck would waste time to fix a fake?!

    Fashionphile, you are triflin. Tsk tsk.
  15. You guys, it’s probably okay. It’s always a good idea to have your purchases authenticated ANYWAY if you aren’t experienced with the brand personally. Do that; the strict odds are that you have real bags. Every bag on a secondhand site isn’t fake. There are authentication threads here you can start with, if you make sure and read the directions for requests...

    Everything works out most of the time...authenticate to be sure, but no need to despair beforehand!