Fashionphile is selling this FAKE I returned!!

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  1. Reading this thread makes me so nervous. I literally just put a Blush Nude Chloe Marcie on layaway last night for a pretty penny. I will definitely be getting the bag authenticated after I receive it. I would die if I spent almost $1000 for a fake Marcie. Send me good vibes!
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  2. I also received a re-dyed bag. The listing made no mentions of that. How could their authenticators be trusted to authenticate if they can’t see dye all over the hardware?? Customer services was quite responsive though.
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  3. Thank goodness for their generous return policy! I'm just going to hope and pray my Marcie is as perfect as the pictures showed, get it authenticated and hope I don't need to return it. I'd rather finish paying and return for a full refund then cancel the hold and give them almost $100 for nothing lol
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  4. Thank you for bringing this up. I buy from them now and then, it always have been good and authentic (I know my brands) until recently.
    Over last 5 days I was eyeing two identical Celine Belt bags in Plum. One is brand new, looked perfect and was sold in no time, second one was sold two days later. The problem is second one looked funky (uneven stitches at the bottom, leather at one corner is almost untacked and about to pop out, imprint is worn out). Also it was called "Burgundy" by stuff but there was no such color in 2017, code is identical to Plum, but color itself is kinda off, so they invented "burgundy" and sold it as such? I thought I'm getting paranoid. Now I see.
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  5. Totally agree!!
  6. I have bought and sold many things through Fashionphile and have not had any issues. I mostly visit their main HQ in person to either sell bags that don’t spark joy anymore or look at stuff I’m interested in. I have never had any trouble, they have a great return policy that I have used a few times. The ReaReal I have had trouble with and I shop with extreme caution due to their “returns not accepted” policy. I’m sorry you all are having so many issues with Fashionphile, everyone I have had contact with at the HQ has been really sweet and they all seem to have real a passion for the merchandise. :heart:
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  7. Hello xiaoxiao- due to the error they made when purchasing my supposedly Kelly 32, which turned out to actually be 35, I needed replacement tags for the box and the bag tag in case I ever decided to sell it. I went through several months process to get these tags. I had called Fashionphile and they said that their authenticators price the bag based on it being a 35, so they knew it was a 35. And I had already sent photos next to the 32 that I also bought from them, to show that I got a 35 instead of a 32. However, they told me I would actually have to send the bag back to them to prove it was a 35 if I wanted new tags. I told them no way because I didn’t know what would happen to the bag in the meantime, and then I am out the money, as it is now months later. Finally we came to a middle ground and I took even more photos next to a measuring tape. I should post this as an update on that Hermès thread.

    However, I am really enjoying the bag. The leather is amazing!

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    I got my blush nude Marcie from Fashionphile last week and thankfully it is perfect. It was not listed as having the auth card which I found concerning, but to my pleasant suprise the auth card was in the Chloe dust bag.

    Because of their generous return policy I would order from them again. I will definitely use caution and get items privately authenticated though! Even pre-owned designer items cost a pretty penny!
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  9. That's exactly the problem.
    The number of recent mistakes is concerning.
    - Wrong size of Hermes (!!!) like in Gettinpurseonal's post.
    - Wrong (non-existent) color for Celine (listing removed)
    - Wrong leather listed (Marcie is not in calfskin, it's lambskin)
    - Fake Chloe Paddy's from OP.

    I agree, FP used to be great. But it's obvious the team has changed now.
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