Fashionphile is selling this FAKE I returned!!

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  1. I have a very similar experience! Been too nervous to order from Fashionphile again.
    In the past 2 years, I've ordered several times from Fashionphile but had to return each time due to undisclosed damage or differences from the descriptions. The Chanel mini I ordered had a LOT more corner wear than the pictures shown, and the shade of green was significantly different than the pictures. The vintage Chanel backpack I ordered was hard and crunchy, seemed like it needed a deep conditioning and might possibly have been repainted, and was not described. Not to mention the strap length described was 3 inches off. The Diorama bag I ordered had a lot of discoloration, not described nor photographed, and very obvious because it was black. I had to return each time because I wasn't happy with the bags that didn't show up in the condition I'd expected.

    I've been keeping my eye on a few bags but given past experiences of orders not being as described, I emailed Customer Service in March to let them know that I wanted to order but was nervous to because the bag conditions were not described well, causing my returns, asking whether they could do anything about clarifying the condition of a specific bag before I ordered... and I received a response saying that "We definitely want you to be happy with your purchase and will accept returns for any reason. Our returns are monitored and can evaluated for every six months of purchase. In the case that your return rate reaches 70% or more in a six month period, you could receive a warning email from our general manager. This email just clarifies that your next return will be charged a 10% restocking fee."

    It's understandable that with a few returns, stores will be concerned that I'm not a serious buyer, but it feels to me in this case like I'm being charged with a restocking fee BECAUSE I reached out to them first to let them know of my concern. I didn't even get the warning email. I didn't get a response about the bag I wanted to order. I've only ordered once in the last 6 months, doesn't that mean that my return rate is currently 100%? Now I'm nervous to order from them again since I'll be charged a restocking fee even if the item doesn't show up as described, and they didn't clarify on the item I was interested in.
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  2. Sorry to hear about your experience with fashionphile. This was the very first time I had ordered from fashionphile so the restocking fee they are trying to charge me has become more ridiculous based on their policy mentioned to you. you need to feel comfortable with a purchase so decide whether or not buying from fashionphile is convenient for you or not but in my case I will stay away from them for a while and check their bags but inform myself better as to the brand to see that what I purchase is what I have seen in different sites as authentic. Good luck to you and hope that you can get the bags you want without the inconvenience. Take care.
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  3. Wow, this is such good intel! i had no idea they even did this, although as a business it makes sense to monitor how often a person returns. I have shopped with them for 5 years or so and return a lot, but I have never even heard of this restocking fee. I wonder if it's a newer policy? They have made some major changes within the past 6-9 months. I guess you just have to be super careful and sure before hitting the buy now button, or especially the layaway (since you cannot see it all before paying it off!).
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  4. A business has no grounds to charge a restocking fee when an item is returned due to not meeting the details of the purchase contract. File a charge back or dispute with your credit card company or bank. Restocking fees can only be assessed on returns where the seller made no error. Failing to disclose damage is a breach of the purchasing contract so the return is due to sellers fault which should be a free return. Including free return shipping. That is just basic business and anything less is unethical bs on the part of the company. This thread has been very enlightening. Definitely not doing business with FP.
  5. I just returned a Chloe Faye backpack! Clearly marked as a medium, when it arrived it was a small. Don’t trust their measurements! They are wonky on everything! I returned, it wasn’t what it was advertised to be!
    This is my third return, because everything has been a giant miss! Never ordering from them again!
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  6. I just returned an hermes kelly bag last wed. There were a lot more visible scratches on the bag than pics. I’ve been buying and selling for years with fp. I usually get my refunds within 2 days after the returned parcel arrives to them, but after 2-3 days, nothing!

    So I reached out via email and phone and they finally tell me after 3 days that the key accessory is missing. I even return the dustbag they provide when I sell back my items, so obviously it doesn’t make sense for me to return the bag without the key accessory. I don’t even take the nail filer!

    I spoke to 5 diff customer reps and they keep telling me they’ll call me back but nope! I called them everyday since and one cs rep finally informs me that the buyer manager has to approve. She was in a meeting so I called back the next day and she’s out of office. It’s been a week now and I still haven’t gotten my refund.

    I called again today and guess what? They wrote “notes” into the system that they’ll either return the bag to me or buy out deducting $1500 of the purchase price when I didn’t even lose the key. But no ca rep bothered to reply to my emails or give me a call. Even after “she’ll give you a call within 10 minutes.” It’s been two hours.

    Don’t bother with fashionphile. And I’ve been a loyal customer for years.
  7. I should have known better as i have read this thread previously. I've been looking for a large black with blue lining Mansur Gavriel. I checked their pics and description and bought. I received a bag that had been box cutter slashed across the front where the name is!. The description lists it as good condition but no mention of the damage. And no close up pic of this area of the front just a whole bag picture, so its barely visible. CS said they stand by their description of good condition but acknowledged the description should have mentioned it. I made them give me a huge discount, i can live with the leather top layer slice as the bag shape is perfect which was more important to me. but i wanted them to acknowledge their mistake more than anything. Only my second time buying with Fp - last time was a Chloe about 10 years ago.
  8. Was the key visible anywhere in the pictures? If not how can they prove it was there? And for this amount of money i'd be contacting my CC company and seeking legal advice. Thats crazy to do that to you.
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  9. Yikes! That sounds like a terrible experience. I agree with the above poster as well, and consider filing a claim with your credit card company. Please do let us know how it turns out, I would be absolutely livid. Really hope it works out.
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  10. Yes after a week and half of constant follow up requests, they gave me two options to either return the bag to me (when I paid full price of almost $5k and there’s no lock now) or partial refund of $3500 (buy out offer). I did file a chargeback for the first time in my life because this situation is ridiculous.

    I highly suggest you guys to videotape the boxing process so fp cannot say anything later on if an accessory is missing. I feel like there was some shady employee that did this because I return a lot at fp. Lol
  11. I didn’t know they had a restocking fee policy, but I will say if I have concerns before doing layaway I will use an SA there who will actually pull the bag for me and answer any questions I have (color, condition, etc.). I would recommend using that service if you have any concerns. It’s not perfect but it is helpful. Hope things go better!
  12. Hello! May I ask, you say you use an SA who pulls the bag for you-- where do you contact an SA to do that for you?
  13. It’s an option from Fashionphile. Just call customer service and choice that number from the phone choices :smile:
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  14. Omg
    I am really worried.
    I just ordered Mikimoto stud earrings AAA 9mm Akita from them.
    There is supposed to be an original box included but no mention of certificate.
    I trusted them but now so worried that they could be fake.
  15. When in doubt, return! No item is worth the headache and stress.
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