Fabulous February 2019 - show your new Chanel purchases!

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  1. Could you show the sides of the loafers please?
  2. DF4D960E-FD9E-40D9-A2E1-B9C1DFEB295D.jpeg Pictures do not give these shoes justice; in real life the sparkle is amazing!
    E5460E04-07C7-45A9-AA8A-C51CFB52EB64.jpeg 8EE65760-E616-4D57-A75D-D9F42BD04142.jpeg
  4. Gorgeous, congrats! Perfect combo of classy and cool
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  5. Just got da pullover sweater it. Niceee IMG_1225.JPG
  6. Little blue cc holder IMG_20190204_153254.jpg
  7. February is my birthday month so ban island doesn’t count, right?


    Mini Urban Spirit in navy lambskin and black lambskin ballerinas. Worn both out already so definitely good choices
  8. How do these shoes run? true to size or small?
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    Were you able to choose the bag from other jumbos? Mine is series 27 and I got it last week.
  10. They look so pretty!!
    Does the box says what style nr it is? TIA!! :flowers:
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    2599EBFB-268B-4E41-9BD5-6009AF02AB6C.jpeg D2EFFB16-5E84-4549-9E92-451D9FF042BB.jpeg my Husband bought me this vintage vanity case that I had been obsessed with since we saw it at the resale boutique back in November. It was in pretty rough shape but I’m hoping I can revive it. The girls at the shop said they used no product on their items and they sell them the way they came in. So they didn’t even stuff it and it looked super deflated. I have it stuffed right now trying to reshape it. The corners have some wear and I’m thinking I’ll send it to the leather surgeon soon. I'll also buy a new strap for it from Etsy. I think we got it for a good price so I'm not afraid to spend a little money to give it a new life. It totally reminds me of my Gucci Soho Disco that I love. So happy to have this in my collection now.
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  12. Does this help?
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    How can you tell which series it is for the classics? They don’t label the year, as far as I can see. My NM was completely sold out in classic flaps in the beginning of January, so this is a new bag they recently got. I don’t know enough about the label to decipher when it was exactly made. BTW your bag is gorgeous too!
  14. You’re bag is so gorgeous too!! i really dont know. A month ago before I got mine, I already looked at another m/l classic flap but it was the dull and rough caviar. I was about to get that eventhough since it’s really hard to get the classic in my preferred combo and I’m on the waitlist. However, I still refused because of some burgundy stitches that is on the double flap (black side) which I really dont like. You’re bag appears so shiny in the picture. Is it smooth or pebbly in person?
  15. If you look at the first 2 numbers of the serial number on the authenticity card. This tells you what series the bag is. If you don’t have an authenticity card you can look at the serial number inside the bag. When buying preloved I always use Yoogis Closet Series Chart to know what year the bag was made by the the series number.
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