Fabulous February 2019 - show your new Chanel purchases!

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  1. I’m so jealous of yours. I just got the same jumbo but in series 27, it’s more matte and not quite as puffy.
    It’s puffy, but not quite as puffy. Ughhhhhh but it’s duty free....
  2. That color is stunning!
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  3. OMG! Beautiful blue. So gorgeous in lamb skin.
  4. Is there a sheen to it?
  6. So in love with my new black caviar City Shopping Tote.

    Thanks to @OCWifey for this lovely addition to my Chanel collection :wlae:
  7. Is it 19 P means card code 27xxx ?
  8. Mine is rather a stiffer more matte caviar, its not dead matte though. It looks at is does in the photo?
    Here are a couple more photos
    This picture is with flash:
  9. I would think so, mine is 27xxx and there are no larger number or new newer collections.
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  10. I’ve been thinking about this baby for a while. Finally took the plunge when there are 2 left in the country. My water snake trendy cc

    Attached Files:

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  11. I haven’t read through the entire thread, I usually just look at the pretty pictures. So excuse me if I’m jumping in. But if I remember correctly, 19p stands for the year and the season. 2019 printemps, spring in French. Is that what you’re asking? My SA gave me a lesson once. There’s an old thread around here discussing the meaning of the tags.

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  12. Yes mine is 19p with 27 series code :smile:.
  13. I actually got her a little while back but just sharing her now. She’s my first and only Chanel 8)

    Plus all the goodies she didn’t come with...
    1F46EB46-03F7-4234-B6F6-A1B25BD52C11.jpeg 529741C1-C91D-4AC8-A7AF-743282381DAF.jpeg 67DACF74-7939-4920-A4AD-1764E813D647.jpeg
  14. Those are really cool.