Fabulous February 2019 - show your new Chanel purchases!

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  1. Would you mind posting a photo of the tag with the code? I’m captivated by this blue and want to ask my SA to find it for me!
  2. F919E086-8657-4EB3-B8C5-DACA663AC42A.jpeg The last few exotics trickling into the store. Had to grab it !
  3. My new to me preloved medium lambskin

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  4. Perfect, thanks so much!! :heart:
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  5. 97A73696-E5B1-498D-94AD-B9429451B232.jpeg My new to me Chanel jumbo classic flap, black with caviar leather and silver hardware. I’m in love! I bought it off Fashionphile and it was described as being in excellent condition with a little wear on the hardware. It’s in perfect condition and I’m actually not sure if it was really ever used. My mom even commented that it still has that “new Chanel smell” haha.
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  6. very special
    could you please share your modelling pics?
  7. Thank you !
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  8. 24F7F3E3-3CE8-440C-A35F-A2027656080A.jpeg 8258BE00-D693-43D0-889A-F76673FAE930.jpeg 3B1C0896-21D2-48B8-A08A-7CF605E403EB.jpeg

    Please allow me to share my dream combination, 2.55 WOC with full 2.55 chain in the color pale pink.
    I got this on my last day in Paris at the Rue Cambon store. It was the last in stock which my SA dug it out of stock room. So so so happy and my excitement hasn’t died down even after a day! :love::blush::love:
  9. That is a GORGEOUS shade of pink. Feminine perfection. Love you Paris keychain too! Enjoy your new WOC
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  10. This is absolutely stunning!
    Gorgeous! Great find!!
    so girly and pretty
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  11. This is so lovely. Congrats.
    Do you happen to have the code of this one? That would be great to share. I am interested in findind this one. Thank you
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  12. So lovely! Love the pink & antique gold combination.
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  13. My first ever Chanel SLG. The stitching was love at first sight :heart:

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  14. This is beyond gorgeous!! I think I got the same color in large reissue. Somehow it looks more beautiful in this photo
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