Fabulous February 2019 - show your new Chanel purchases!

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  1. I was looking for this thread, found out there wasn’t any yet, so here it is!

    Show your new fabulous Chanel purchases!
  2. New card holder in red

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  3. This is gorgeous!
  4. D6C62049-83A8-4DF5-B441-A43ACBD54EFA.jpeg
    Just got back from picking this beauty up. I love this red!
  5. IMG_5271.JPG IMG_5273.JPG
    Finally purchased the caviar jumbo with GHW, new at NM. This batch of caviar is delicious! Was going to buy a completely different bag & realized the classic is my ultimate! I would regret not owning it, and the other bag I almost purchased would further postpone owning my dream boss lady bag! Thanks for letting me share, & to the amazing people on this site for all their wisdom!
  6. New boots!

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  7. Stunning! Love how puffy the quilts are
  8. Actually bought this some while ago and have used it a couple times - I think it’s going to be a new go to bag for me. I vowed to stay away from Chanel after their latest price increase since last year but...sigh. I was indeed looking for a large ish black camera bag so...


  9. Trendy CC Chevron Blue WOC.. got from Heathrow terminal 3 on my way home from a business trip
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  10. My lil pink candy coco handle :biggrin:. All wrapped up awaiting boxing! The coco handles colors are killin’ it this season :nuts:

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  11. Beauty! I'm hoping to get this exact bag in a couple of weeks. Is this 19P caviar?
  12. Wow this black is such a beauty . I have this in the tiffany blue but if i would have had a hard time choosing if black was available at point of purchase.
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    IMG_5086.jpg IMG_5086.jpg
    New gold WOC
  14. I totally caved in and bought this beauty. Just couldn't say no to this particular shade of red. It's my very first purchase of Chanel bag so I was really excited!

    MVIMG_20190201_173708.jpg MVIMG_20190201_212402.jpg
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  15. The serial number starts with 26, so is probably 19P since I purchased new, a couple days ago. I want to see a pic of your caviar, as soon as you get your bag! Exciting!

    Thanks ilovemydog!
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