Disgraceful quality in Saint Laurent bags!!!!!

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  1. I’ve heard that these aren’t real croc leather, can anyone confirm?
  2. This is croc-embossed calfskin, not croc leather.:smile:
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  3. Does the quality issues apply to their totes as well?
  4. I had the same problem with my python embossed Kate medium bag. I bought it from luisaviaroma and returned it straight away.

    For some reason, the python scaling starts to flake.
  5. I own a few Saint Laurent bags and I admit that I'm used to the sub-par quality, to the point where I see issues with edge paint, stitching and so on to be "normal" for SL. For other brands that I own like Dior or Givenchy, the quality is pristine (I struggle to find flaws). But when it comes to SL, I'm ashamed to say I settle because I like the designs, not the quality.

    I have purchased four Sac De Jours in the past, two of which I returned due to manufacturing flaws. That makes my personal success rate with SDJs only 50%. And out of all my SL bags, not one can be classified as pristine - they all have at least one manufacturing flaw that I'm willing to ignore for the sake of having a bag with a design that I like. I will continue to buy SL bags but I don't expect the quality to match other luxury brands and I wouldn't be surprised if I will always have to purchase two bags each time just to get one with passable quality. If you love the taste of apples, sometimes you have to pick through all the bruised ones to find the least bruised. Of course, apples don't cost $2000-3000...

    Something else to consider is that (from my personal experience, at least), SL will not provide any customer service for bags not purchased directly through them (boutiques or online) or through their "authorized resellers". If you contact them and say, for example "my SL bag has metal staples sticking out of the strap" or "my SL bag has crooked stitching", they will ask you to provide an original receipt before answering any questions. I won't type exactly what was written to me by a SL customer service representative I've dealt with in the past but it was along the lines of "Yes, this bag is authentic, yes, it was made by us - but since you didn't purchase it from one of our authorized resellers, I cannot assist you with your queries. Have a nice day".

    So whether you lost your receipt, bought a new bag from an outlet site like Bluefly or Gilt, bought it pre-loved or got it as a gift from your sister, don't expect SL to acknowledge that the quality issues have anything to do with them let alone assist you in resolving the issues. They wouldn't care if a SL bag you purchased pre-loved on Fashionphile spontaneously combusted and burned down your house.

    As much as I can, I try to stick to stores/sellers that accept returns because 50% of the time, there will be some manufacturing flaw that I'm not willing to overlook.

    p.s. Staples sticking out, crooked stitching, loose stitching, glue marks, edge paint smudges/splashes on leather.... I've personally dealt with all these issues with the SL bags I've bought in the past.
  6. I guess I've been lucky. I've purchased 3 SL bags (College, Sunset & Sac De Jour) and I also bought a card holder and all are absolutely flawless. Excellent quality and not a single design flaw on any of them. Maybe it was good luck. I did purchase all 4 of the items from a SL boutique and the SA informed me that I have a 2 year warranty for any issues, except for wear-and-tear of course.

    That being said, I purchased a Louis Vuitton Empriente Speedy and it had serious glazing issues. I also purchased a Chloe Marcie and the metal zipper pull broke off in my hand when I was zipping it closed. The Marcie was only about a month old. My point is, I think it's possible to have quality/manufacturing issues with many of the designer brands. I've personally had good luck with Gucci and Saint Laurent, but I'm open to the possibility that there may be issues that arise. I love the look and the designs of the SL bags so much I'm willing to take the risk. :heart:
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  7. wow staples sticking out - that's awful and hardly deserving of a 4-figure price tag! also, given the amount customers pay for SL bags, it's outrageous for the SA to dismiss your enquiry, and to do it so rudely too. Personally when i choose a bag, the entire experience counts...the quality of the bag, the level of customer service experience and so on...it all has to come together to feel like i'm getting premium experience. Otherwise am sure there are other brands out there that are willing to stand by their products, be lovely to their customers and take pride in their bags.
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    Bought brand new from ysl.com. No plastic covering etc. .


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  9. I have no doubt that every luxury brand has the potential for some quality issues, especially when the products or components are made by hand. It's just nice to know that after parting with all that money, the company will help you out or at the very least, commiserate with you should something go wrong.

    When I had that exchange with the SL representative, I was already the owner of four other SL bags, yet I was being treated so rudely and dismissively because the particular bag that I had just purchased (with quality issues) was not directly from their boutique or authorized resellers. It really felt like a punch in the guts.
  10. I am with you on this, I have learnt not to purchase anything of designer value unless it's direct or from an authorised re-seller. I don't care if it's a bit extra, it's peace of mind. . . .

    Btw, absolutely shocking by SL! I was lucky that my bag was purchased directly from them and it was eventually replaced - I had to wait until it was restocked though! They would not go out of their way to find a replacement for me even though the bag had an obvious flaw!

    I am torn between a SL medium sized wallet and a Chanel one which has less capacity. I am worried about the longevity of the SL. . .
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  11. Very informative thread - glad I found this!
  12. Oh man, I wished I read this thread before purchasing my YSL WOC. I have the beige one in gold hardware and I’ve only
    Used it less than 10 Times, got it in July this year, so about 6 months. And the corners are not just scuffed!!! It’s peeling!!! I’m so sad and I don’t dare to use it much for fear that it would get worse.

    I got it from a personal shopper so I doubt I can do a refund at the store.

    So I want to get some advice on how to prevent the peeling part from getting worse and how to prevent the other corners from peeling too? I’ve seen some comments on using leather glue. More recommendations are welcome!!!
  13. I’m having a similar issue with one of my YSL bags, Saks is of NO HELP!!!!!!!! Good luck
  14. I like the college bag but I'm now wary after reading through the whole thread.
  15. Im planning on getting the medium college bag online from matches
    Anyone had any experience with them so far?
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