Disgraceful quality in Saint Laurent bags!!!!!

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  1. would pebbled letter be less easily damaged ?
  2. There's still hope, Ladies. The last Saint Laurent bag that I bought last year in January still looks pristine. It's the Rive Gauche bag. Just bought Saint Laurent Fringe sneakers. I'm crossing my fingers that they have good quality.
  3. Wow, so glad I read this! I was tossing between an LV bag and an SL one for my everyday bag to work/travel and luckily the SL one didn't quite appeal to me as I felt this particular model (shopper tote) was nice however, wasn't anything special and opted for LV instead because I at least knew the canvas option would be good for the needs i required it for. In saying this, I would feel the same way you do as their designs are BEAUTIFUL...i guess the downside is their quality.
  4. Worn out corner after 6 days bought brand new. Is it normal?

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  5. I’ve just returned the Lou camera bag in chevron leather, I had the bag for just over 2 weeks and the leather started to peel on the zipper and some of the stitching started to come out. So disappointed as the bag was gorgeous and went with everything.
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  6. Hmmm....sorry to hear that. Maybe it was a fluke and you should try another? I've had mine a couple months now without any issues (even picked up a couple more, lol)
  7. Than you very much for your post.

    It's very sad to read that YSL doesn't stand for their products, especially with such low quality. I love their design, and have been eyeing College bag for a few years now, but knowing of their production flaws, and now customer service, I am afraid to commit and drop substantial amount of money for a bag that may disappoints me very quickly.
  8. I am considering the lou lou medium flap shoulder bag but this thread is really making me reconsider my options. Surprisingly, before reading this thread I've only heard good things about their quality.
  9. The cleaning and maintenance of bags in store is unfortunate. 3 handbags (model Loulou bag) dirt stains, spots ..
  10. Has anyone had any major issues with the Saint Laurent LouLou bag? I am eyeing the toy version to use up a $734.50 store credit from a t-shirt I bought (which had quality issues). I really want it in the "Powder" aka nude version but I'm beyond paranoid now.
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    I have a Mini Y Ligne from about 3 years ago, and have had no problems with the quality. The hardware is beautiful. The leather is a "box" style, very smooth, and has worn extremely well. I'm not totally crazy about the suede interior, because of how it wears (not a defect, just normal use). I am now about to pull the trigger on my 2nd YSL piece. :smile:
  12. I have never owned a worse quality bag and I have never had such an appalling customer experience from a luxury brand. About 2 months ago I purchased my second YSL bag (West Hollywood - embossed crocodile leather). My first one was bought a few years back and less than a year after it’s purchase the bag more or less fell apart. However, having been a huge fan of the brand I decided to give it another go. I bought the bag and left it aside for about a month. I started using it and about 20 days after that I noticed that the bag was losing its shape and dropping towards the front, hence creating creases on both sides. Worse even, the bottom front sides were losing the embossed patent leather and the bag started to look like a cheap fake.
    So I decided to return it. I was genuinely expecting a no qualms return and even though I didn’t want a refund but the choice of a new design I was appalled to hear otherwise. The manager at the store took pictures of the bag and promised t send them to HQ in Paris. My argument was that if the bag looks so tired only after about 20 days of use, then what will it look after a few months. One would expect that for the small fortune of 1540 pounds you but into quality and second to none customer service. The manager tried very hard to convince me that this is normal wear and tear. Really? Worn off edges after 20 days? Shocking to say the least!
    I left the store frustrated, angry and very upset!
    I’ve been promised a reply within 2 weeks.
    I can promise one thing! If the customer care is as bad as the quality of the bag, I will not be returning to the brand anytime soon.
  13. Here’s an update on the repair service...

    I am not too sure for other regions, but if you are located in the ASIA PACIFIC AREA (e.g. Singapore) and you are having some issues or trouble with authenticity with your item, YOU CAN bring it to the store and as for a repair service, REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU HAD BOUGHT YOUR ITEM.

    They will require you to bring in the proof of purchase (e.g. receipts, delivery notice which has the retailer’s info), authenticity card which has the serial number, along with your item to the store.

    If you have purchase it in the store the warranty is for one year. There will not be any YSL warranty if you have bought it elsewhere.

    Since it’s Asia it is highly recommended that you dress up nicely (and definitely use a branded bag, preferably from a brand better than YSL such as Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Monyat...) when you want to bring in your bag, which you bought from other retailers, for repair.

    And one more take-away info from the conversation I had with a SA:

    If you have bought your YSL item from a online retailer based in a South East Asia country (I shall not name which one but those living in the region should be quite familiar, I’ve dropped enough hints), THERE MIGHT BE A CHANCE THAT YOUR ITEM MAY NOT BE AUTHENTIC even if it was listed as as Brand New/First Hand Retailer’s Own Stock condition on the website.

    They told me that they have seen many people bringing their bags from that retailer to them, which turned out to be fake.

    This information is up to date as of May 2018.
  14. I can see how the store wouldn't want to do an exchange because it sounds like you went back almost 2 months after purchase. Boutiques tend to have strict return policies versus department stores. But they should have offered to service your bag.
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  15. I
    I shop often in Asia so this information is really useful! Thank you.