Disgraceful quality in Saint Laurent bags!!!!!

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  1. wow i was thinking of getting a YSL universite bag for my birthday this year but after reading this thread, i have changed my mind. am not going to spend so much money to end up unhappy over a bag of poor quality!
  2. To be honest, every brand has quality issues.. Even the higher end brands like Chanel. I have 4 saint Laurent bags and none of them have quality issues. If you're worried, maybe purchase in store so you can inspect it yourself. Or purchase over the phone through a stand alone saint Laurent boutique and the sales associate can text you pictures of a brand new piece from the stock room. Just my thoughts! My saint Laurent woc has held up better than my Chanel caviar woc
  3. I agree that every brand does have quality issues. For e.g., LV may have their issues with the glazing, and I've seen new Chanel bags having slightly dented quilts or hardware scratches.
    I own both the Saint Laurent WOC and the Chanel Boy bag in lambskin and have noticed that because both have really sharp pointy corners and straight line edges (I hope my description makes sense!). Because of this design, they're both prone to the corner peeling or being easily scratched. Just my two cents.
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  4. Do you think today when you buy bags from brands like Chanel, Prada, Saint Laurent and bla bla bla you paying for quality. No gurl, you are paying for the brand xD That's why Hermes in number one, cause quality is the BEST.
  5. Agreed! All brands have issues (ESPECIALLY CHANEL and I'm a huge Chanel bag lover). I have two Saint Laurent bags that have held up beautifully with no issues
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  6. I think you need to realize every brand has issues. One of the best bags that have held up through time is Saint Laurent (my current collection includes Chanel, Prada, Gucci, LV and Saint Laurent).
  7. All brands have quality issues (see Chanel and LV)! If you're really interested in Saint Laurent I suggest an exchange however if you really think it's an issue I suggest Hermes because that's the only brand that doesn't have any quality issues (but costs an arm and a leg unfortunately).
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  8. I've found that the grained leather has held up incredibly well and I'm hard on my bags. The grained leather is scratch resistant and basically indestructible! I would stay away from smooth leather which gets scratched really easily. I have the Kate monogram and the WOC in grained leather and I've had no issues with peeling or chipping in the corners, not sure why others have, and I've had my bags since 2013 and 2015. I've found the Kate monogram to have more structure as well so no matter how I stuff it, it still holds its shape so I highly recommend it!
  9. K so I thought it was just me - I have the St Laurent cardholder, purchased in December and the hot stamp logo has started to rub off. None of my other bags have done this! Granted its not the most expensive product, but still...

    unnamed (1).jpg
  10. Not really surprised with a logo flaking off. Same thing happened to my louis vuitton empriente speedy. The Louis vuitton stamp began to flake off
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  11. Definitely make sure you examine the bag thoroughly before you leave with it. I received a brand new medium college bag and the stitching on the removable strap was raised where it ended, which kept ripping threads off my shirt. Also, the handle had a bunch of tiny balls coming off the leather. I was extremely disappointed, but they gave me a new one in exchange for it no problems.
  12. Glad I read this thread. I just saw 3 St. Laurent bags at my Nordstrom rack, but they felt so cheaply made, the leather is plasticy feeling. I have never seen one IRL before and was considering purchasing but not anymore. I already have quality issues with my LV and Burberry so don't need any more
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  13. Oh no , I just joined this forum and saw this thread and the horror stories . and I just bought the black on black large envelope flap in pebbled calf and a matching wallet as well ! It's my first SLP purchase and I didn't know the quality can be so bad ! The SA assured me they have a two year warranty on hardware ? If I didn't remember wrongly ?

    Keeping my fingers crossed that they will hold up Especially the black hardware
  14. I have the ysl lulu bag in a light beige and it's great quality - really gorgeous bag.
  15. I also just bought this bag! I hope it holds well too.