Disgraceful quality in Saint Laurent bags!!!!!

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  1. The camera bags are poorly designed. They do not have rolled leather between the sides, or leather reinforcement for their stitching. If you compare the YSL camera bag to the Gucci Soho or the Fendi camera bags, you’ll find Gucci and Fendi reinforce their stitches.
    I came across some YSL camera bags at Nordstrom, all were new and with stuffing. The stuffing stretched the leather so much the holes for the thread were slits in the leather and 1-2mm of thread was showing making the edges loose and stretched out looking. I don’t own a YSL bag, I like their designs, but I’m a little nervous buying luxury bags right now. I inspect all styles for worst case scenarios- possible cracking sealant, popped stitching and corner wear issues.
    Happy shopping and don’t be afraid to inspect, inspect, inspect.
  2. Good to know. I own Gucci and LV but have never splurged on YSL. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. YSL changed the camera bags. The shipment of bags Nordstrom just received has leather piping between the panels to reinforce the stitching. It looks sturdier!
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  4. I have purchased a Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Small, Sac De Jour Baby, Chevron Wallet on Chain and most recently a Saint Laurent Medium Lou Lou chevron bag. I have not had any quality issues with any of them. I can’t comment for the Lou Lou yet because I haven’t had it long enough but the craftsmanship is outstanding, I’m actually considering getting another one in medium with black or gold hardware or the Small size.
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    I phone purchased a wallet ( Saint Laurent Fragments Flap Wallet) from Rodeo Drive Store about a month ago since the color Fog was nowhere to be found in New York.
    The wallet is supposed to look like this ( image below pull from internet). More image for the same wallet: HERE ON GOOGLE
    But after I got mine, it has a blemish on it ( weird wrinkle...) IMG_5387.JPG
    So I asked for an exchange... might be OCD... but it really bothered me...
    I got my exchange yesterday... and I don't know what's going on I am just not satisfied at all... whats with all that little imperfection on this wallet...
    I looked online the pictures, and they don't look like this AT ALL!
    Is this normal for you guys?

    The worst thing was: I called their client service and was hoping to get help from them. The lady who picked up my phone was trying to persuade ( or argue with) me that since it is made with real leather there will be imperfection. Well, it is true. But not from a luxury designer brand like this which I believe they are supposed to know how to avoid the imperfection on the cowhide leather in order to make their products "perfect". This is not an $80 wallet or a product they I buy from a leathercraft store, and they can tell me that because I wont care as much...

    image (2).jpg image.jpg image (1).jpg
  6. I was very close to my first YSL purchase (a large college) but saw this thread and am afraid to buy anything YSL now. Has anyone had issues with the large college bag?

    Originally wanted the black leather with black hardware but I read the black hardware chips! So I’d get the antique silver hardware if I were to get the bag. Any issues with that color hardware?
  7. I have to say I am so disappointed in YSL too.

    I purchased the tote bag in May - in July I emailed Farfetch and complained because two of the corners have worn away already and I take care of my bags...

    So disappointing. Feels like I've thrown £700 down the toilet...
  8. i think flaws on smooth leather are inevitable, which is why i usually go for treated or textured. i love the caviar or grain de poudre texture. I have the black caviar West Hollywood with black hardware and no chips or scratches, i purchased in early 2017. I also have the black caviar monogram card case with gold Ysl logo and it still looks new! This is the same material used on the monogram wallet on chain. It seems that the quality issues happen most with the WOC, and i wonder if the leather chips are based on the color of the bag. i havent had issues with black leather from ysl but i do baby my stuff to a fault. im considering getting the small envelope WOC in black with gold but im a bit concerned now because there might be differences in quality control and it seems difficult to do returns or exchanges. what a shame! poor customer service disappoints me more than anything.
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  9. I have been lusting over the WOC for a few years but like many of you am having doubts whether I should go for it with all these quality issues, or to get the toy loulou instead. Have any of you experienced similar issues with toy loulou?
  10. I think I’m going to purchase a Lou Lou. Has anyone had trouble with this bag? Also doing the black HW. I’m scared that the black is going to just chip off.
  11. At the era of Stefan’s Pilati, YSL bags stood by their quality. It was my almost exclusive accessory brand. I have tens of bags that I bought 10+ years ago and wore on everyday basis, that still look excellent.

    When Hedi Slimane got onboard, and I looked at the new lines of handbags (and shoes), I decided to pass. These just did not look like something worth spending money on, and I had a suspicion that these would not hold on. I do not know how much sale value this designer brought on board, but he certainly cheapened the brand.

    When Hedi left I started liking their new collections again, and was just waiting for the bags to align with what typical YSL feels like, and leather to get their sturdiness back. You know, when you touch the bag and it screams luxury to you. Last month I got my first bag after 5 years hiatus, and I love it! I hope YSL is able to restore their loyal customer base.
  12. I don’t own tons of YSL bags or anything, but the two bags and one card holder I have are without any issues.
    Ok, the Bellechasse is just a few days old, so I can’t say anything about it’s wear and tear yet. But inspecting it I can say everything looks just perfect and I really love it.
    My card holder is over a year old and looks just as new.
    My Highschool bag is a few years old, and of course has signs of wear on its corners and some on the leather. But seriously, that’s gonna happen at some point and I don’t baby my handbags or slg at all.
    Overall it still looks great and has gotten a nice patina over time.
    I’m totally satisfied with all of my purchases.
    If I’m not, I send the stuff back.
    And I’ve sent back a few Fendi, Balenciaga and Gucci.
  13. 3D17291B-78FD-4271-8EC5-D96B4730B48A.jpeg I'm not sure if anyone has the same issue or it's just my bad luck but I've recently noticed that leather on the back of my College bag has started to rub off. I got this bag just 3 months ago and used it only 4 or 5 times. I'm very careful with my bags and never had such wear&tear on any other bags especially not after few uses.
  14. Oh no I am so sorry to see this! I have the black College for 2 years now and have zero rubbing on the leather. You need to contact YSL and get a refund or replacement bag. Hope this is a one off.
  15. I'll follow your advice, thanks. Glad that your bag is fine. Mine is definetely defective because lether rubbed in different areas and after using it only for few times I would never expect it to look like that :sad:((
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