Disgraceful quality in Saint Laurent bags!!!!!

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  1. I already saw another TPFer post a photo of their bag where the leather was separating. This is the first day I used my bag and the black coating is chipping. I asked if it would chip in the store because i was worried that it's not traditional gold or silver and I figured it was coated and i was assured it wouldn't. My previous YSL purchase the SL1 sunglasses were horribly designed. The way the folded in crushed them and made them loose and crooked. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1447281954.473560.jpg

    I hope you can see it in the photo.
  2. wow, thats awful. I ve asked SA about the same thing - if the coating could chip and she gave me this look if I am stupid and said, no unless you will be banging it against the wall, or something along those lines. I ended up buying this bag online with silver hardware and the quality of my bag is quite nice, was wearing it for two months, no problems with it. You should ask for full refund, this is unacceptable.
  3. Totally shocking and disappointed
  4. Oh....I also got this clutch last week. This is really disappointing.
  5. Just wanted to follow up regarding my experience with YSL. Now the logo has started to show silver underneath the enamel around the bottom nub. I brought it into YSL and they told me that they can have it repainted. When I expressed that I did not want that option because it will clearly keep happening due to the nature of the product I was offered no other options. I was hoping that they would offer to exchange it for a different metal option instead of band aiding the problem. I also raised my sunglasses issue and I was assured that that was a manufacturing defect that has since been fixed... Well that's great but it doesn't help me much nor does it change my perception of the brand! When I asked to look at the bag in white version I was told that that color will get dirty and that they don't want me to say that it is their fault... I'm sorry but something getting dirty and the metal chipping on a 1600$ purse after a few weeks of normal use are two completely different issues!

    Clearly the brand does not stand by the products.

    Will bring into saks and see what they can do for me but never buying YSL again!!!

    Please let me know your thoughts/ experiences. TIA!
  6. What a shame!!
  7. Seriously! Don't expect that to happen with the amount of money we are prepared to spend on these beautiful bags. So disappointing.
  8. Yep. I'm also done with YSL. I got a Fendi 2Jours after I got my refund for the damaged Sac de Jour bag. Fendi's quality never ceases to amaze me.
    This is what happened to my Sac De Jour bag after only 6 weeks. And when I returned the bag, it was inspected further and they found more damages at the bottom front of the bag.
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  9. I'm so sorry to read about your experience Unfortunately it seems that a lot of brands and luxury retailers have no idea what good customer service entails or simply don't care. Were you able to get a positive resolution?
  10. I've never owned a YSL and I've never purchased anywhere other than a retailer. I purchased a YSL BDJ that I've been hunting and I am surprised that the edges/sides are coated and not cleanly sewn like my other luxury brand handbags. Is this normal for YSL, specifically the BDJ clutch? I'm talking bout coating on the side and bottom stitches. I see this coating peeling off over time...

  11. Any picture?
  12. A few here...

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  14. I have a Y-ligne clutch and the edges/sides look exactly like yours.
  15. unfortunately this will happen to coated hardware, regardless of designer. there's some stories of Chanel So Black bags with hardware chipping and those are $2900, $4900 and $5500. as beautiful as the black hardware is, i'm staying far far away due to this issue!! doesn't matter how careful you are either. seems like the quality was terrible for this particular one since the beginning since it was your first time carrying it.