Cartier LOVE Bracelet Discussion Thread!

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  1. 4F3CA169-AEA8-460A-8DFF-5D7B5AEDF5DD.jpeg 4AC87534-17E8-49E5-9497-893986FC96F2.jpeg 6B01551C-1209-4727-964A-24B6B9F220F9.jpeg Can someone please help me with sizing. I got the love in white gold 3 days ago in a size 15 as this is what was recommended (see pics above) but I regretted it instantly as I felt it was too tight. I went back the next day and the SA told me I haven’t given the bracelet enough time and I will get used to it. I’ve now taken it off because I just feel it’s too tight. Below (the white gold one is size 16 and gold is 15 when I first tried them on in store). 41C4ED46-8C52-460F-8D3E-D50D61540BA3.jpeg E6733D44-93BC-438E-A585-4723688BBFBE.jpeg 9412EFD5-1ED9-4699-85D8-011C1E2FE477.jpeg
    F638A6D0-399C-4B4A-AEE9-F0FBBE8C56B0.jpeg 87B73FBE-6590-4373-8858-5E00B7817AF2.jpeg
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  2. Sorry didn’t mean to post the bottom two, but those are the size 15 which I think is too small
    rry t
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  3. It’s a matter of preference. Some people like a tight fit others like a bit more loose. If you don’t find size 15 comfortable then go and switch for 16.
  4. I think the 15 is a bit tight. If you want to stack in a long run, size 16 would be better.
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  5. It looks super tight there’s barely any movement especially for the hot days when arms swell a little loveee the white gold but I would go back and deff exchange for one size up !
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  6. Go with the bigger one! I had the same issue and they did not let me change it! Since then I have been very conscious about it to the point that I want to sell it to get a bigger size. ‍♀️
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  7. Why didn’t they let you change it? I’m worried they might not let me but it’s only been a few days and I haven’t worn it out of the house
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  8. I would exchange for the bigger size. The size 15 looks a little too fitted and is likely to feel tight if your wrists swell from time to time. Also, having some movement is important considering you’ll be wearing this piece 24/7. I’d rather err on the side of slightly too big than slightly too small.
  9. @Cartierlover26 I honestly believe you should do what feels right for YOU. I think your sentence "’ve now taken it off because I just feel it’s too tight" says it all. The SA does not have to wear it, but you do and you should enjoy wearing it. I was also between sizes (15 and 16) and settled for the bigger one. Around here it currently is wintertime, and I don't know how much my wrist will expand when the weather gets hotter or more humid.
    Whatever you decide, may you enjoy your beautiful LOVE and wear it in good health!
  10. I was in between sizes too and ultimately went for the larger size. I’ve got no regrets and I’m so glad that I went with the larger size! You’ve got to do what feels right for you
  11. If you feel that it is too tight... then it is. Get what you want, don't settle just to have. If uncomfortable, switch positions... put the white gold on bottom and yellow on top... if it still doesn't feel right, go the other way, then try larger size and do both... one way or another, it must and will work for you. The larger might look and feel weird if it is bigger than the one you have. You are spending too much money not to be totally satisfied.
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  12. The size 15 definitely looks too small. From what I can tell looking at your pics, you are between sizes. The 16 may look a bit too big, but it's definitely better than the 15. The bracelet should move up and down the arm quite easily but yours stops short and is pushing into the skin. Definitely exchange for the 16 as you will feel more comfortable. It's really too bad Cartier doesn't offer half sizes for those people who need a little extra room but not a full size up. If it helps at all, I got a 16 which fits me perfectly and my wrist measures at about 14 3/4cm.
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  13. 633741D3-FECD-4B40-9D39-0FE93BFC3A60.jpeg Thank you everyone for your help! I just returned for the size 16 and I am so much happier. It just feels so much better.
  14. Good choice !
  15. Congratulations! Enjoy your new bracelet
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