Cartier LOVE Bracelet Discussion Thread!

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  1. I'm trying to find the prices for the different Love bracelets. Does anyone have one? How much are they? I would love one for Christmas.

  2. I think the 18 kt gold one is near 3000 usd...
  3. Well, I won't be asking my husband then. Last week I told him we shouldn't spend a lot of money on each other.....

    That was dumb wasn't it?:s
  4. well, I'm not exactly sure, I might remember wrong... check it with Cartier before you decide and good luck! It is definitively gorgeous!
  5. The yellow gold is a touch less expensive than the white, if that helps.
  6. How much are the string bracelets for charity?
  7. I believe they're $480 each, actually...?

    tvstar: only $100 goes to charity.
  8. That is A LOT for a little string bracelet:smile:
  9. I will bump this up and see if someone has any new prices for white gold.
  10. yellow gold is $3600. YG with 4 diamonds is $6900.
  11. its about 560 now if i remember correctly from the receipt.
    it maybe alot, but i love mine.
  12. #12 Jul 27, 2008
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2008
    Okay, here's the skinny on it:

    Yellow gold, sans diamonds: $3,600
    Yellow gold, half diamonds (5): $7,250
    Yellow gold, full diamonds (10): (Removed, I'm not sure it was accurate - around $11,000?)

    Rose gold - same structure as yellow

    White gold, sans diamonds - $4,200
    White gold, half diamonds - $7,550
    White gold, full diamonds - I do not know
    Love Charity "string" bracelet

    White gold (2007) - $475, $100 to charity
    Rose gold (2006) - $475, $100 to charity
    Rose gold and white gold together (2008) - $975 (or $990?), $200 to charity
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  13. ^wow, awesome info...thanks!
  14. the plain gold is $2900.00 i believe.

    that is if it didnt go up.
  15. Any pics?