Cartier LOVE Bracelet Discussion Thread!

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  1. I tried on the XL Love cuff today. They didn’t have my size. Here it is next to my regular And thin love. [​IMG]
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  2. nice and darn !
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  3. How much was it? I like the XL, but sure not the price.
  4. I tried the XL love cuff too! It's too big on me but would look good on men.
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  5. I like too,but didn’t see sizing on website.
  6. I just tried the display and I am not sure about the size. Is there just WG? I think it looks cute on you with all 3 sizes of thin, regular and XL
  7. Do they make this cuff in size 16?
    Or is it just one size fits all kinda thing?
  8. I believe it’s around €7500. Comes in WG, RG and YG but only a few pieces have arrived so far so they didn’t have more to show me.
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  9. No, it’s sized. The one I tried on was size 19 so they’ll have other sizes for sure.
  10. Thanks! I don’t think I will be getting it. It looks chunky and oversized to me, like you said It’s more suitable for men.
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  11. I also think it's too big for me Your pave love is TDF
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  12. Thanks! I really want to add a WG Pave this year but not sure whether to get the thin or regular. Better start saving up
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  13. I think the pave thin is gorgeous and it's on my wishlist. You cannot go wrong with either choice. Never too much Cartier
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  14. +1 for the small Pavé. I think it looks great on you!
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  15. The WG Thin Pavè is gorgeous!
    I want to add some sparkle to my watch hand and that’s one of the bracelets on my wish list, together with Boucheron’s Quatre Radiant in all WG and Bulgari’s small Diamond WG Serpenti (3x more diamonds than the Cartier, bigger diamonds and about £6,000 less expensive).