Cartier LOVE Bracelet Discussion Thread!

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  1. Has anyone sent out their love bracelet to the workshop for repairs before? My screws have been acting up and they said they would fix it but I'm just confused as to what "adjust symmetry" and "jewelry screw" mean. Does anyone know? Also does shining mean polishing? I'm afraid that they're gonna remove a small amount of gold when I didn't even ask for it!! Thanks in advance!
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  2. Hi, Adjust Symmetry is fixing the hole where the screw goes and possibly re-threading it so that the screw goes in smoothly and correctly. Also possibly fixing the grooves on the actual screw, because if any of the grooves are bent or broken, it will not screw in correctly. (That is why I don't buy used, because if the previous owner took off and put on their LOVE bracelet a lot, you can wind up with someone else's problem or worst, loose a screw or entire bracelet.) Polishing is probably done by a buffing machine to take out deep scratches and Shining is probably done by hand to give it a nice gleam and glow... to bring it back to new-like finish... since there is no charge... I think you will love the finished LOVE bracelet when it is ready for pick up. Hope this helps and gives you hope.
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  3. Does Cartier fix screws that are loosening gratis, or do they charge for that? How long does one have to be without the bracelet? Can you make an appointment in New York to have it done during a day while you wait?
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  4. Hello lovecartier, sometimes on the spot in NYC especially if it's just a simple adjustment... make sure that you are armed with a smile... that usually shortens the distance between you and the SA. It doesn't hurt if you show interest in purchasing another piece... they are not allergic to potential sales. Let them serve you champagne while you wait. The paper Cartier coasters are so cute with the embossed logo.. you are gonna want to take it home and possibly ask for a set of 6. Hopefully you won't have to leave it, but if so, it's worth it for a little while to do. Your arm is gonna feel weird without it, especially if you are like me and never take it off. lol.
    Let me know what happens. Good luck.
    Wishing you the very best... and may all your dreams come true.
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  5. I am debating on love full bracelet and cuff. I m the kind of person who has to take off all jewelry at bedtime . So cuff seems the right choice to me . I tried the cuff in the store , SA recommended size 17. It sits at my wrist , if I move it above wrist on the arm, when I turn my arm it won’t turn with the arm ..... a bit annoying . Any suggestions ? Thank you
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  6. Hi redjellybean, I understand your dilemma. I was too that person that had to take off all my jewelry at bedtime, until I fell in love with the idea of owning a LOVE bracelet and the story/reason behind it. I wear a lot of items all at one time, and the LOVE/'Love' never comes off...I seem to have converted and bought into the lifestyle. I've even considered it as a part of my body. I purchased many years ago and it's the anchor of every piece I own there after. There was no cuff at the time. I tried on the cuff recently and noticed the same 'non-movement', and it wasn't for me... not even the XL. I love movement... the independent movement that the full LOVE provides... especially is it's the right and perfect size. I would recommend buying what you love and loves you back by complying to your every wish and catering to your preference(s) i.e. turning with your arm and movement up and down your wrist. LOVE and 'Love' shouldn't be annoying... not one bit.
    Wishing you the very best and may all your dreams come true.
  7. That's why I did the slim love. Have the full bangle but can take it off as I please. It's perfect for my lifestyle.
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  8. I hear ya Ann.
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  9. I know this thread is for Love but just want to let you I end up getting the thin JUC, perfect for my lifestyle . Stack it with my Links of London bracelet
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  10. nice... very nice !
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  11. I agree - I really like the movement of a full Love bracelet (I have the thin because it suits my wrist/style better)
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  12. I keep seeing posts about people losing screws and in some cases they lose their love bracelet. Don’t most people add these to their insurance?? If not people should as it’s scary what I’ve been reading.
  13. The newer bracelets have a locked in screw so it won't fall out the way that the older one does.
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  14. Hi! I have a question regarding the frequency of removing the standard love bangle. I'm torn between one standard YG bangle vs. a thin YG + thin WG. After about a zillion internet searches I think I prefer the original stacked with my current options, but really wish it came with the locking mechanism of the thin. Because of a medical condition I'll need to take off all jewelry for an MRI once or twice a year and I'm worried that over time this can strip the screws. How often is too often to remove/replace the bangle? TIA!
  15. Might be a dumb question from a first time Love owner- but this little gap in the “hinge” of the small Love is normal, right?