California dreamin

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  1. I came to Los Angeles for uni from Japan, and I've been loving EVERY moment of it! I have lived in Downtown L.A., Mid-city/Hollywood area, and now in the suburbs of L.A. I absolutely love the heat (but dry heat) and can't stand the cold, so I wouldn't want to move from CA to the east coast, where my sisters live :P. I love the delicious foods and the fact that you can get all kinds of food from all over the world -- I've always lived in cities, so variety of cultures is really important to me. I love the laid-back style, the ocean (a must for me!), the friendly people. I'm not sure if you mean parts other than L.A., but I also love San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area! I used to go there every summer before starting uni.
  2. question for anyone who lives in Santa Monica.. is the ferris wheel still there or did they remove it? Last August I was there and so was the wheel, but someone told me its now gone?
  3. ^It is still there; it was never going to be removed just going to get a face lift including the tracks/ system it runs on.

    As for why I love living in LA, I am currently just west of the 405, and despite the traffic and overcrowding, I wouldn't give it up. I was born and raised in LA, and now being older, I love the fact that just within blocks I have tons of dinner options (aside from the awesome weather of course), entertainment and relaxation options. No chain restaurants (though I still go to them once in a while) and no matter what time it is, there is always something.
  4. LOL, just reminded me.. of .. IN and OUT burger. That was the first place we went at like 10pm when we arrived in LA. And now we have one here on LI, I can't believe its here also!
  5. I love California! Born here and raised here. Barely moved to the Los Angeles area three years ago from a small desert town. There's always something to do, always something open late to eat. I'm never bored here.
  6. That is so true.

  7. I like OC because the weather is so mild. The people are extremely attractive as a whole compared to the other cities I've lived in... also the attitude here is laid back and friendly. But I miss the east coast soo much. I miss the cold weather and dressing up in boots and winter coats! I still dream about moving back to NY or DC.
  8. :yes: NorCal :heart:
  9. Reading this thread just reminds me of the rivalries that exist between Northern California and SoCal, or LA County and Orange County, as most of us tend to forget about Ventura County, and then there is the "909" that everyone makes fun of.

    To go even further, the "westside" vs the "valley."

    I guess you just gotta live here to understand :biggrin:
  10. LOL...Norcal vs. Socal

    When I first moved to CA a friend had this big Norcal sticker on this car....I was boggled as to what company he was advertising....until he explained to me that it meant he area he lived and that Norcal was better than Socal LOL
  11. where is the 909? why do people make fun of it?
  12. 909 refers to the area code of San Bernardino County aka Inland Empire (IE).

    We make fun of it b/c of the following stereotypes: all the meth labs are out there, it is california's version of the south (ex: City of Fontana aka Fontucky), wife beaters are a staple, not a fashion statement, etc. etc. A radio station, KROQ always makes fun of the 909 as well.

    Funny thing is that it is relatively nice as there is a lot of new development out there. :shrugs:
  13. LOL, The OC thing is still going strong.

  14. I'm in SoCal, and I certainly appreciate the weather and the scenery. I live about 1 1/2 miles from the beach, and I know that it's a privilege to do so.

    However, I prefer cities and I'm currently living in a town. Finding suitable employment here is a nightmare right now.

    I'm in love with San Francisco and hope to eventually be able to save up in order to move there.
  15. So true. :roflmfao: There may be a lot of development but doesn't defeat the fact it's still hillbilly land.