California dreamin

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  1. southern ca is t he best. I luve the culture, diversity, outdoor (free) concerts. The smog, beach is only 45 minutes away, skiing are 45 minutes away, the garment district is an hour away. TONS of stuff to do!!!
    I live in the Inland Empire. In Loma Linda. My kids go to an awesome school. I love living here!!!
  2. I love living in CA! I'm 10 min from San Francisco and see the city 5 days a week and drive over the bay bridge 5 days a week too. I find it so funny that tourist drive so slow over the bridges because they're taking pictures. Hello, have you passenger do it, not you while your driving! :Push:

    The weather is great on the coast because it's rarely hot. But you can drive 15 min. away and have sunny warm weather in the summer. When I'm at school (east bay) It'll be 95 degrees, I'll come home and it's a lovely 65 degrees.The only downside is, the cost of houses/appt. are so freakin' high around here. :tdown:
  3. I live on that same hill as cal state east bay!! :yes:
  4. I was born and raised in California. I don't miss it and although I like visiting there, I am usually relieved to be leaving after about four or five days there. My quality of life is much better where I live now than it would have ever been there. I have friends and family who are still there and cannot afford to buy a home. They will be renters forever. Several of them work more than one job and are sort of squeaking by financially. There are things about California that l like (the weather is great) but the other negatives are not worth the trade-off, IMO.
  5. The view from there is soooo pretty when it's super clear at night! I go to school in Dublin, and live in SSF, so the weather is complete opposite from one another, but it's like only 45 miles away from each other.
  6. Not really from there but I lived there for 7 years. We lived in the Mojave Desert and it was HOT HOT HOT! We lived pretty isolated (military base) so we didn't really see too much of California, but what I did see I liked (most of it)
  7. I was born and raised in SoCal. I could never picture myself living anywhere else or more than 2 miles from the beach.
  8. I've been in San Francisco for 12 years now. I was born in NY and lived most of my life in MI, so life is very different here. I just couldn't take the cold weather of the east and midwest anymore, and California is much more progressive for women than in other states. I think it would have been harder for me to progress in my career had I stayed in MI.

    Overall, I do wish it were a bit warmer in SF, but I'm so comfortable here now it's really home for me.
  9. I live in West Hollywood and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I love the fact I have at least 20 restaurants within 2 blocks I can walk too. 99% of the time, the weather is perfect. The only thing I hate is the traffic. Otherwise, LA is perfect. I am 2 miles from Rodeo Drive 8 miles from the beach. You never have an excuse to say you are bored. It is nice to know if I get hungry at 2 in the morning I can get some food. I have visited places that after 9PM you are out of luck.
  10. Oh, I forgot we have TPF meets every couple months. We have one coming up again very soon. So if anyone wants to join us please PM me your email address so I can send you an evite.
  11. i have lived in CA for most of my life, in various cities (mostly in SF Bay area). the past year i lived in LA. the best thing about it is the WEATHER. i don't know of a place that has better weather, to be quite honest. If you are a person that gets seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and/or HATES the rain, this is the place for is sunny ALL THE TIME!! :party: also, it never gets too hot, at least where i live/work (Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica area), which is near the ocean.

    the shopping is also great though...where else can you have 8 Louis Vuitton boutiques within an hours drive? :nuts:

    things that suck though, is the traffic, and having to drive everywhere. oh, and the insane housing prices :tdown: which is why i'm moving... :crybaby:
  12. I'm gonna have to have a friendly disagreement here. I was born & raised in & around Sacramento before moving north several years ago. It has great colleges & amazing hospital/healthcare options. I never spent more than 2 weeks without a job there, and it ranged from retail to truck dispatch to legal assitant positions. Outside of rush-hour traffic, it's a nice little city. Supported by agriculture & a decent place to grow up (in most neighborhoods); it is within 2 hours of San Francisco, Tahoe & the coast, and within 3 hours of Reno. It has both a AAA baseball team & an NBA team. Kings games are tons of fun to attend because the fans are so excited to be there. Almost everybody ever on tour makes a stop there. It has a nice local music scene. Most of the drivers are assertive but not rude or clueless like some other areas. It has summer rafting & no snow. You can get Apple Hill apple juice at the supermarket - gosh I miss juice that tastes like a real apple. But my favorite is that Sacramento has some of the most affordable & diverse Dining you could hope for. Biba Cagianno's restaurant, the Lemon Grass, the Firehouse, Maces, any of the Frank Fat's restaurants, Paragary's, and so many more. I sure wish any other place I've lived had anything even close to Rick's Dessert Diner - When I visit family, I have to visit there - perfect desserts every time - I'd love to open a diner with these amazing recipes.

    OK, wow, unintended rant over.

    I'd never want to live in a huge metro area like LA or even San Diego, but give me any of the Northern or Central Valley cities any day.

    Anyway, we had work and family reasons why we moved, but if you are not a big-city person, I obviously loved the area that was home for so long.
  13. I was supposed to go back to LA this summer, but due to the high gas = high flight rates, we aren't going. I am so sad. I loved W. Hollywood. It was amazing. Had the time of my life. Just tonight I met up with my girlfriends that I went with, and we were reminising about our trip. I miss everything about it. Can't wait to go back, possibly in February. What is the weather like in W. Hollywood in Feb?
  14. Born and raised in the northern California. There is nothing better. San Francisco, Napa Valley, Marin, it is so beautiful at night crossing the bridge into the city at night. Shopping, food, theater, music, sports, the afternoon breezes, the fog, the chill in the air that makes you walk just a little taller and just a little faster. A short drive to the redwoods, the drive to Tahoe, Carmel, 17 mile drive, Hwy 1.

    There are so many beautiful parts to No. California.
  15. I live in southern CA like others have posted you have the beach the mountains less than an hour away well at least where I live. We have talked about moving but decided that it wasn't the best option for us. Everything is over here like the amusement parks, which my kids love and the beaches and so on, but I would love to live in the country and see how that is.