California dreamin

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  1. Well....there may be issues in CA and I was so happy to leave it when I did. But now? 3 years later? I'd cut off my right arm (I"m left handed) to get back there! I would KILL for traffic and congestion and people and diversity and mexican taco trucks and being 3 hours from the best of everything and San Francisco on a nice summer day and rude neighbors. *sigh* I miss California so much.

    It's really true...the grass always looks greener on the other side. I thought the MidWest would be great because we'd have less traffic, lower housing costs, nice/friendly people, etc. But this place SUCKS!!! I can't stand it. I hate winter, I hate leaves, I hate nice people, I hate being so far from everywhere (except Chicago and Detroit - which doesn't count), I hate snow, I hate the drivers out here (WAY WAY worse than CA drivers), I hate grocery store clerks who talk to me, I hate driving on the freeway and it's empty, I hate square states.

    Now I'm moving to Miami in 10-12 months and I cannot wait. But I'm sure after a year there I'll still be lusting for California.
  2. Well sorry Irishgal, but us East coasters call it Cali. Living on Long Island myself, near the fab Hamptons, I to take the beauty everyone is trending for now, for granted. I have friends that have houses in East Hampton and spend a good amount of time is that lavish town, restaurants, and clubs that area has to offer. But yet like I said we take it for granted because we live here, and are used to it. I guess that is how you are feeling. I have been on the west coast many times, so I do have something to compare things to. I love where I live and I don't know if I'd ever want to leave NY. There is so much to do here, but I do love Cali for holiday and a break from here. Its a beautiful state.

  3. :roflmfao: So much of this made me laugh although I have to say when I first moved to CA, I felt I had to be super nice and couldn't stand everyone talking to me... so different than NJ/NY. I remember my first trip back 'home', stepping off the plane and feeling releaved that I could be rude again! I've since adjusted and I am a token NY friend to a lot of my friends out here. I do occasionally bite my tongue and try to be more 'californian' but I do absolutely love.

    Hope you like Miami... way to humid and hurricane prone for me.
  4. I'm think I'm also in the "overrated" camp. I like: the weather (although I also love fall), the driving (I really don't understand why people say CA drivers are crazy..they are better drivers than anywhere else I've driven), the nightlife, how people are always out and about and rarely just sitting at home, and the fact that you have anything you can want at your fingertips. I don't like: the shadyness, the housing, how everything is spread out, how you have to be overly nice to everyone, the cost of living, the California-centric attitude (I've met many, many people who have never left the state and feel like anything outside CA has nothing to offer). I also don't understand the appeal of the beach communities..they just don't appeal to me. Overall, I wouldn't say I dislike living here, but I never understood the obsession that some people (like everyone in my immediate family) has with it. At the same time, I think a city/state is just that. What really makes a difference is the friends/family you have while you're there. I think I will move back here when I'm done school even though I'm not that crazy about it because this is where the people I care most about are.
  5. I've only lived in SoCal and in Scottsdale, AZ and love them both. I love California because it is so diverse. I love that I live 20 - 30 minutes from the ocean (depending on how fast I drive) I love that I live 45 - 90 minutes from ski areas. I love that we are in the capital of the entertainment industry since that is what I used to be involved in and what DH still does now. Theres always something to do. So many friends here and so many friends that come to visit from all over the country and Europe. The icing on the cake is definitely the weather. You just can't beat it.
  6. I am from California!
    I am in the Los Angeles area!
    I reside in _ _ _. PM me if you want to know! lol.

    I do love living here :yes:
    My favorite thing about it is the weather.
    It's NOT too cold or too hot. It's perfect.

    But I've been having alot of thoughts about moving somewhere else to live when I get older :shame: or atleast go on a vacation and live somewhere for about a month.
  7. IM GOING TO LA ON THURSDAY!!!!! ahhh annaversary!!
  8. I live in riverside county and I like it my area alot. I grew up in michigan and I hated the cold winters. I like the fact that I can go to the beach or the mountains for snow. I must admit that I hate the traffic on the freeways.
  9. I went on vacation to CA about 4 years ago and ended up moving there! (OC)

    I grew up in FL all my life & there definitely is a huge difference.

    Why I love CA? - The WEATHER! (not humid like FL), no matter how hot it gets in the day time, it always gets cold & breeeezy at night. The closer you live to the beach the better the weather is!

    Also, many more job opportunities.. different types of's not ghetto like where I grew up.

    Food is available EVERYWHERE!

    Lots of shopping places also. :smile:
  10. uh oh! PM me if you have time to get together for a libation or two...:yes:
  11. Born and semi-raised in CA. I had a stage where all I wanted was out, but at this point in my life, I'm falling in love with my hometown all over again.

    PM me when you're down visiting for some San Diego shopping!
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    I was born in San Jose, CA but I moved to Sacramento, CA just a year after the 1989 earthquake, I was only a child then. And I lived in Sacto all of my life. And I hate hate it here. There's nothing here worth being excited over, unlike L.A., San Francisco or San Jose. The shopping down there is sooo much better. I'm a huge city girl and I'm living in a "countryside" type neighborhood and it's so boring. Getting a job up here is not so great either, unless you want to work in retail. All the full-time jobs are found in San Jose it seems.

    L.A. is amazing if you know where to go. There's so many exciting places worth visiting: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Costa Mesa..... wow. Just avoid the Westminster/Anaheim area unless you're going to Disneyland. The residents over there can drive pretty nasty. Trust me, I go there all the time with my parents. It's horrible!

    San Francisco is definitely filling up with some awesome designer stores: Neimans, Bloomies, LV, Chanel, Hermes, etc. I guess the only downside is that it's cold there all year round. And driving down there is pretty frustrating if you don't know where to go. I think having a good memory and GPS would help you around this huge maze-like city.

    The best thing about San Jose is, besides the fact they've so vastly improved the city itself, and awesome, awesome Valley Fair Mall/Santana Row shopping center, is Palo Alto which is just an hour away. They also have a super cool shopping center (called "Stanford Shopping Center") which has some designer stores. It's beautiful too.

    Lastly yes, the weather here is usually good. L.A. is the best since it gets nice and hot in the summer, but warm and cool in the fall/winter. Or so it seems when I visit there.
  13. aww shoo!! i totally wanna go do something with you. but that'll most likely have to wait for two reasons..

    A) im going with a group of people, i cant just leave em hanging.
    B) wait til after january, so i can drink away with you!!

    thanks for the PM just in case i didnt see this. youre too sweet!! :heart: