California dreamin

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  1. Anyone from LA or Cali here? I've been there several times, and LOVED it. What do you love about living there? The mountains, the beautiful ocean, the nightlife, shopping, the weather. It is all so breathtaking.
  2. I'm moving to northern San Diego in January... Excited!
    I've been to CA twice, and you're right, it is so amazing
  3. There are SEVERAL members from Cali...

    I want to go there so bad! Maybe for vacation next year :smile:
  4. I love California. I am still wanting to visit San Francisco. I flew in there once.... and it looked so beautiful from the air.

    LA is nice.. but waaaay too much traffic. You will be stuck in traffic for hours at 4am. Its crazy.
  5. We visited Santa Monicas also last summer which I just loved. The beach was so pretty, and just the atmospher of people. The pier is so cute. I wish I were back there right now.
  6. I'm from Ca. I live about 40 minutes away from San Francisco, and yet I still love looking at the tall building each time I go. I'm not so much of a beach person...or partier at night, but the weather here is great. but, like they say, you don't know how good you got it till you see the other side, so I'm DYING to see the East Coast.
  7. The East coast is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I have an obsession with Cali. I love the weather. It is mostly always so nice out. Here in NY, it is humid, and rains a lot. I love that blue clear cloudless sky, so familiar in Cali..
  8. i hate the term cali
  9. I hate the term Cali too.
    I was born in California and have lived her all my life. Living here and visiting here is 2 different things IMO. However, since I have never lived for a long period of time anywhere else, I guess I really have nothing to compare it to. But I think with all the issues this state faces it is a bit overrated.
  10. Former NJ gal here and after being in Cali (sorry guccimama and irishgal, maybe it's an east coast thing...), I do love it. I miss NYC though b/c there is just no place in the world like it! There is just that energy, kwim?

    The weather and laid back lifestyle (I live near the beach) is probably what I like best. I do not miss the rain, snow, humidity, cold, etc of the Northeast. Overall, I like where I live now (little south of LA) more so than my 'burb in Jersey but as a city NYC kicks LAs a$$. Everything here is spread out and traffic is unreal but like I said, the weather makes up for a lot and depending on where you live, you don't really need to leave your surroundings unless you are in search of something particular, which can be both good and bad.

    I don't see myself moving back east anytime soon and I honestly think the only way I would is if I moved to NYC.
  11. I agree. I've lived here since birth and I don't see what everyone else thinks is so great about this state. The overcrowding is becoming ridiculous and while the small beach communities are great, it costs an arm and a leg to live there. And the weather is only "nice" in the coastal areas. Everywhere else in the state, it can get up to 110F+ or below freezing. The only thing I really love about living here is that I can go anywhere from skiing in the Sierras to lying on the beach in a few hours drive.
  12. NorCal what!!
  13. Well, I live in San Diego now. We relocated here form NY about 6 months ago (for my DH's work). While it is pretty, I'm still adjusting to living here. Please don't get me wrong..i like it but grew up on the East coast so this is VERY different for me. I think that there's good things and bad things about anywhere you live. I agree that the grass isn't greener on the other siude, too. I must admit that I really miss NY alot and I didn't think that I would! we were excited to move here! IN NY (we lived on Long Island & spent lots of time in NYC), we had a HUGE house & yard for the kids & pets to play in. Here our house costs almost 3x more and is smaller w/ a teeny tiny yard. I take my kids to the local school playground to play. Another thing that I wasn't aware of is that because we live in the Canyon there are TONS of coyotes in addition to mountain lions -right here and I'm NOT used to being afraid to let my dogs & young children out (of course I supervise but don't feel safe). I'm wondering why our realtor didn't inform us. we also had a rattlesnake in our backyard & I was almost bitten (my fault as I didn't see it & almost stepped on it..It even lunged at me!:wtf:) Our next door neighbors have had them, too. My neighbors have told us numerous horror storiess about coyotes and others in our neighborhood losing dogs, cats & bunnies to coyotes:crybaby:. We also have a bunny but he NEVER goes out here. We were going to get my 3 year old a cat (she wants one sooo bad) but were discouraged from our neighbors. Even though we'd keep him indoors..They do accidenatlly get out.
    On the good side of things, the ocean is breathtakingly beautiful & the skies are sunny most of the time. My kids LOVE the zoo, Seaworld (I cried the first time I saw Shamu..VERY heartwarming to see the care & tryust b/n the animals & trainers) and we will take then to Disneyland and Legoland theis Fall/Winter.
    Sorry for the Loooooooooong post!:shame::P
  14. Another person who hates the term "Cali" here! Sounds to me like that old LLCoolJ song.

    What I love about California is its diversity and variety...we are fortunate to have world class cities, quaint small towns, summer and "colder" beaches, deserts, world class skiing and outdoors activities in the mountains, vast green farmland, wine country, redwood country, and one of the most beautiful national parks in the country.
  15. I grew up in the IE. I will never move back. Just not for me. It is dirty. It is crowded. I dislike it. I happily moved away.